This past week, Fat Joe sold 11,180 records of his latest album The Dark Side; while Fat Joe may have been crying of embarrassment, 50 was crying of humor.

50 Cent takes pride is demolishing other rappers careers. In 2005, Fat Joe released a “diss” track targeted at 50 Cent on his sixth album All Or Nothing entitled “My Fo Fo” for 50’s shot at him for working with Ja Rule. 50 retaliated with the popular record ‘Piggy Bank:”

His lashings didn’t stop there, at the MTV awards later that year 50 went on stage after Fat Joe and yelled some obscenities that MTV bleeped out. Fat Joe called 50 a “coward” during a DJ Kay Slay interview and from there all hell broke loose.

50 Cent was rushed to the hospital after listening to Fat Joe’s album J.O.S.E 2

50 Cent even disrespected DJ Khaled for jumping on a track with Fat Joe by visiting his mothers job and taping her asleep behind her work desk.

Terror Squad- Lean Back

Fat Joe’s album- The Elephant In The Room only sold 47,125 copies in the first week. We could take the safe route and say that 50 Cent is to blame for such numbers–thing is… before 50 cent even began “attacking” Fat Joe, it’s sad to say but his career was already flailing. Me, Myself and I featudre the only hit single–“Make It Rain.” The album sold 206,000 copies to date!

Here are 5 reasons why I think Fat Joe’s career is a #FAILING:

-He jumps on any trend and rides the wave like he created it!

If skittle candy wrappers taped to you’re fitted was hot, Fat Joe would drop a hot song all about it, buy out the skittle factory and drop em’ on scantily clad woman in a music video with Lil’ Wayne. I don’t think he has one creative bone in his body.

-He’s Spanish.

It’s so terrible to say, but the only Puerto Rican rapper to have a platinum album was Big Pun. Being that he was Fat Joe’s homie, it seemed only evident that he would take over the reigns, but he hasn’t even come close to that success. Fat Joe is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent and from The Bronx, NY(where sh*t happens) and we’re not saying P.R rappers aren’t hot but they have yet to cross-over into the hip hop world with record sales. (R.I.P Pun)


-Fat Joe thinks he hotter than he really is.

Granted Fat Joe had some REALLY popping singles like “Lean Back,” “We Thuggin,” and “Take You Home” but his confidence is way too high when on each of those tracks someone else’s verse was better than his. Remy Ma annihilated him on “Take You Home” and “Lean Back.” Lil Wayne’s hook is what set off “Make It Rain.”

-He’s not that great of a rapper.

Let me clarify, Fat Joe can put together some sentences and phrases that might stimulate your brain but his flow changes with the times and is pretty basic.

-He doesn’t look tough.

He looks fluffy and no one is scared of The Pillsbury Dough Boy.

If you’re still not convinced here’s two last ones for you–he played Remy Ma and he’s disrespectful to women!

The conclusion is: although 50 Cent went hard on Joey, the truth is his career is heading south because of himself! Sorry 50 and sorry Joe!

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Fat Joe “I’m Gone” (produced by DJ Premier) [AUDIO]

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