The rap world is full of gimmicks–but we understand to make it now-a-days some type of commercial appeal is necessary. Each rapper has their own past that comes to light in their lyrics, persona, and every day behavior. That might be the reason why certain mcees act and do ridiculous things. Commercial appeal is one thing but these 10 are another…

10. Become A Pastor:

We’ve seen Harlem Word reppin’, “Horse N’ Carriage” bragging rappers turn from slinging crack and shuffling females to the bible.

I understand that the “almighty” is a forgiving god and he will rid you of your sins if you repent, but are we really buying this?

9. Say “Chea”

I really ABSOLUTELY do not know who started this, but saying “Chea,” at the end of every hot sentence is not only getting old but very annoying.

Here’s an example:

I think it gives them momentum!

8.Lie About Being A Drug King Pin

“I think I’m Big Meech” –(Didn’t your mom ever tell you to just be yourself?) Did he forget that 50 exposed his previous job as a Correctional Facility Officer? Wait maybe he was selling drugs to the inmates?!

7. Get Ridiculous Tattoos

Example: The Game’s Butterfly Tattoo.

He must be such the gentle Compton native. Why do rappers find the need to validate their  street cred. with foolish tattoos?

6. Act

There are a few rappers including Ice Cube and Queen Latifah that we actually like to see on the big screen and then there are the others…


This is probably the worse acting I have ever seen.

5. Endorse products for free.

I hope before Lloyd Banks made this song and video that he at least got a Beamer, Benz or Bentley for free; in the video for free at least!


FLY, did they throw you guys some Polo’s?

4. Dance

I’m not talking about the occasional two step or “Lean Back” but a full on- dance routine.


This is this most not-gangsta thing you can do.

3. Sing

Even though they can’t carry a tune to save their life, rappers still manage to auto-tune their way through drawn hooks, choruses and songs.

Example:(No not Kanye)

Yung Berg- Break You Off

I like the song, but Yung Berg should stick to getting his Koofey slapped off.

2. Make a terrible “come-back” diss record.

If you can’t think of anything good have someone write your comeback record for you.


“You dress so bad that we laughin at your a**” and “you’s a monkey you a orangatang, locked up yea i heard they called you chingeleng” is not going to cut it!

1. Commit crimes for no appearant reason and go to jail.

They say “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” but these are some of the “problems” that shouldn’t occur. I thought when they said that, they meant issues with relationships, phony friends, groupies and or people. Why are rappers murdering people or buying guns big enough to arm a small military. Why jeopardize your career for the same thing you were trying to get away from?


Lil Boosie- Indicted for federal murder charges.

Lil’ Wayne- In jail for criminal possession of a weapon

TI-Served a year and a day in jail for federal weapon charges.

T.I.’s Club Crucial May Lose Liquor License After Violent Incidents

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