In promo videos and photos for her new CD I am…Sasha Fierce Beyonce Knowles has taken to sporting one metallic glove on her left hand. I’m not sure what the meaning of it is but it got me to wondering: “What would DOOM think?”

For the unfamiliar, MF DOOM is an iron masked MC and producer from Long Island New York who used to go by the name Zev Love X as part of the group KMD with his late brother, DJ Subroc. MF DOOM stands for “Metal Face Dumile” (Dumile is his government name) and is a take on the popular Dr. Doom character from The Fantastic Four. Dr. Doom sports his own set of metal fingers and MF Doom has used that as one of his many aliases.

Hence my chuckles when I saw Beyonce sporting the pimp hand brace. I imagined some really crazy mixtape collabos called I am…MF Doom, Sasha Fierce vs The Gladiator, or Finger Pop: Destiny Fulfilled.

So I reached out to his really cool publicist to get a quote from DOOM on Beyonce’s new fashion statement. Mind you I had to manage my expectations because this is the same man who sent a body double to a photo shoot I did for Danger Doom as the Editor of Scratch magazine. But I figured, why the heck not? His publicist loved the idea and shot the masked man an email. His response?


First I laughed and then I was intrigued. The gut reaction is to assume he thinks she is a thief, that she’s biting his style. She’s violated. Beyonce gets the gas face.

However, if you really understand DOOM, being a Villain can be the highest compliment. DOOM could be so psyched that he has inspired Jay-Z’s wife that he his ready to anoint her an honorary Mad Villain. She’s gotten the official stamp of approval from Metal Fingers. Sasha Fierce is down with us. Who the fuck knows? And I think DOOM likes it that way. Peep the ambiguous lyrics from “Hero Vs. Villain”:

“What’s the hero, who’s the villain?

Dead or livin, killed or killin, who the fuck should remain chillin?

(Doom) Webster says, wicked and evil, but yo who’s Webster?

Nihilation and outcast, equals freedom that’s so fast

Culture in chains, that be the roles villain plays

All these are just metaphors, they describe symbols in folklore

But who knows why it’s like this?

Hero? Hit or old miss? Maybe it’s all good

Really of God, but who should, determine the real

Evil, what’s the deal” –

Give that man a hand.

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