In an exclusive interview with, Wyclef’s Presidential rival Michel Martelly also questioned the rapper’s ability to help Haiti recover from a devastating earthquake in January, which killed 250,000 people and displaced another 1.5 million.

Former Fugee group member Pras Michel is backing Martelly in his run against Wyclef Jean for President of Haiti.

Martelly, who is also an award-winning Haitian musician, first became familiar with The Fugees after the release of their hit 1996 album The Score.

According to Martelly, he has been a very close friendship with Wyclef and the rapper’s family for years and his son even attended the Fugees reunion concert in 2006 in California.

However, Martelly questioned Wyclef’s ability to really lead the country.

“I know that Clef is well intentioned. But, I believe that not having been raised here, not being familiar with any neighborhood – because I don’t think Clef can drive anywhere here on his own – he can’t speak the languages, I agree that those are handicaps, Martelly told in an exclusive interview. “I’m not saying that he couldn’t surprise the world and be a good president. I cannot say that; I would be speculating. I’d be speculating if I said he couldn’t deliver. But there are things about him that raise concerns for us here in Haiti. Because he doesn’t know the country. He doesn’t know who are proper political allies, who he can trust. He doesn’t know our culture, he doesn’t know our way of life, he doesn’t know what we expect. He doesn’t know our needs. He doesn’t realize that some people may never truly accept him.”

Read’s exclusive interview with Michel Martelly

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