What started out as a routine conference call among Shyne and a bunch of press and DJs quickly turned into quite the spectacle as 50 Cent decided to call in and heckle Shyne.

Shyne has been taking shots at 50 in a few of his recently leaked tracks, 50 decided to call in disguised as a UK radio jock and get to the heart of the matter.  After Shyne denies that he has any issues with the rapper, 50 asserts that the whole thing is a hoax.  That’s when the fun starts. 50’s phone gets muted by the conference call moderator and even kicked off the line a few times.

Fortunately for those of us who weren’t on the call, 50 documented the entire thing on video!

Watch as he references Mel Gibson’s infamous “raped by a pack of n*****s” line towards the end!

50 may be acting like an immature child, but we’ll be damned if this didn’t make us laugh!

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