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When it comes to rap beef 50 Cent is a habitual line stepper. Nothing ever stays on record. In fact, some would argue that his antics off the mic are more entertaining than his actual diss songs. As my brother MBTheRemix would say, he’s “AllRudeEverything.”

However, in his efforts to demoralize his enemies he goes a bit too far involving family members and anyone within six degrees of his target. For this we we’ve awarded 50 Cent with the 2010 Dwight Howard Flagrantly Foul Award.  Check out his antics and answer this question…

Has 50 Cent gone too far?

5. Takes Photos With Rick Ross’s Son

While hanging out with Floyd Mayweather and his nemesis Rick Ross’ baby mother Tia, 50 took pictures with the Bawse’s son William. Say cheese.

4. Fat Joe’s Album sends him to the hospital

Taking his beef with Don Cartagena to new heights 50 says that listening to Fat Joe’s album Elephant In The Room was so harmful that it landed him in the hospital from “Noise Poisoning.” Adding insult to injury he even put the album up for free download on his site.

3. Shyne Prank Call

In easily his funniest beef moment he harasses Shyne during a Def Jam conference call screaming Mel Gibson type rants. However, Fif may need a geography lesson though because Belize is not an island.

2. Releases sex tape of Ross’ baby mother

50 Cent went through the trouble of creating a whole other website, BooBooTV, to host a video of one of Rick Ross’ baby mother’s, Brooke, having sex. He even narrated the clip as his character, Pimpin Curly. (tie: He also took Rick’s other baby momma, TIA, on a shopping spree and may even publish her tell-all book about Ross.)

Google it…

1.Visits DJ Khaled’s mother at her job

This maneuver broke every man-law, street code or brand of ethics you can think of. 50 Cent not only visited DJ Khaled’s mother at her job, but he videotaped her sleeping at the desk. He finishes the clip with a thinly veiled threat, “I have less compassion than the average human.” Two shots and the ball to DJ Khaled. One game suspension.


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