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In his latest movie The Lottery Ticket Rapper/Actor Bow Wow plays an average guy named Kevin Carson who works at the local Foot Locker. But Monday in NY’s Herald Square he got a taste of what it would actually be like.

Accompanied by a phalanx of security and handlers Shad “Bow Wow” Moss entered the sneaker and apparel chain to deafening screams dawning the trademark referee stripes and a Miami Heat baseball cap.

After admiring his host’s kicks he asked for a pair of size 10 Nike Hyperize to take home with him. However, he didn’t need the aid of the performance enhancing shoes to hop onto the sales counter and address the crowd.

“Working at Foot Locker in the movie was a lot of fun because I’ve never had a regular job,” said Bow Wow. “I wouldn’t mind working at Foot Locker.”

After posing for a few more pictures Bow Wow jumped behind the register to greet fans and sign posters for The Lottery Ticket.

In the film Kevin is confronted by a local thug named Lorenzo who has just gotten out of prison and insists that a free pairs of the new Air Jordans are his welcoming home gift.

Does Kevin risk his job or a beat down from an ex-con?

The Lottery Ticket opens this Friday August 20th in theaters everywhere.


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