Many people may think that to pursue a career in music you need to be a rapper or singer; they couldn’t be more wrong. 

The music business is a $9 billion dollar industry not only founded on rap lyrics or sultry songs, but on producers, engineers, record execs, journalists and many more.

At these 5 colleges you can major in the field that interests you most or minor in a “back-up” plan and get the experience you need to succeed in the music industry.

Back to school time is approaching and it may be a little late to start this semester but you’re only a few months away from the spring module.

5. Winston Salem State University

This HBCU specializes in music and because of the programs they offer you can also minor in business. Their 16:1 student to professor ratio gives you a chance to mingle with your peers while learning.

Here’s a clip of their mission statement on Music:

“The mission of the music unit program is to offer courses of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Music Education, the Bachelor of Science in Music Business with emphasis in Management and Merchandising, and the Bachelor of Science in Music Business with emphasis in Music Technology to diverse and motivated students.”

Tuition ranges from $7,000+(Out Of State Resident)

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4. University Of Miami

You can find over 180 different degree programs at The University Of Miami. The University specializes in Performance and Conducting, Music Business and Law.

“The Frost School of Music, one of two schools established in 1926 when the University of Miami was founded, is one of the largest and best music schools located in a private university in the U.S., and one of the most comprehensive in all of higher education.”

Tuition ranges from $18,000-$25,000.

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New York University specializes in Music Theory and Performance. NYU offers over 11 degrees and has 15 schools within the campus.

“Since its establishment in 1923, the Department of Music at New York University has held a central position in American music scholarship. NYU faculty member Gustave Reese was one of the founding members of The American Musicological Society in 1934, and by mid-century the department had attracted a world-renowned group of scholars and musicians, from the pioneering musicologist Curt Sachs to the popular composer Percy Grainger.”

Tuition ranges from (room and board) $20,000- $30,000

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2. Berklee College Of Music

Berklee College of Music offers an array of majors where you can explore your musical talents. They offer degrees in Electronic Production and Design, Jazz Composition, Music Business Management, Music Education, Music Production and Engineering, Music Therapy, Performance, Professional Music and Songwriting. If interested in a dual-major–Berklee offers a five year program. Berklee alumni has contributed to countless Oscars and Grammy wins.

“The mission of Berklee College of Music is to educate, train, and develop students to excel in music as a career.”

Unlike Full Sail University, Berklee’s tuition ranges from $10,00 to $15,000.

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1. Full Sail university

Full Sail University is the Alpha and Omega of music colleges. It offers masters, bachelors and associate degrees in many musical positions. Their bachelors program offers Recording Engineering, Show Production, Recording Arts, Music Business and Entertainment Business.

“More than 30 years ago, Full Sail began as a dream to create a place where people could learn how to take their passion for entertainment and turn it into a career they loved. It started with music and sound, but our dream quickly grew to fit the dreams of our students until it was bigger than we could have ever imagined.”

Currently 5 Full Sail alumni are nominated for Emmy Awards.

Tuition ranges from $50,000- $75,000(Bachelors Degree) dependent on degree.

The first step in the enrollment process is to schedule an interview with an Admissions Representative

It is very easy to apply, click here

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