West Coast rapper The Game is just one of several artists being followed as part of social networking/media site IMEEM’s “Keys 2 The City” series.

“Keys 2 The City” was created to give fans a first hand look into the lives and music of some of L.A.’s most well known Hip Hop artists. The series is co-sponsored by HipHopDX, 2DopeBoyz, and URB magazine.

In a video featured on “Keys 2 The City,” The Game discusses L.A women versus Southern women, his inability to gain weight, and of course rap beef all while on the Hollywood set for one of his latest videos.

Everybody’s beefing. If you not beefing these days you not cool man,” The Game explained. “Rappers come out and the first thing they do is find somebody to beef with. I think 90% of the beefs in Hip Hop and rap and music are fake. Mines are real to me. I don’t know if they’re real to whoever I’m beefing with or the other cat, but mines be real.”

On a lighter note, The Game gives his take on women in L.A. and Southern women.

I think women in L.A. are a little bit spoiled sometimes man,” The Game said. “You got the sun, the good weather. Pretty much in L.A. you go to a Clipper or Laker game and you can get married to Kobe or something like that and your life’s pretty much sealed. I think, out of town women, especially women in the south are like just a little bit less spoiled and a little bit more willing to do stuff.”

While eating a beef and potato burrito, The Game also explains his high metabolism.

I eat like a fat person man and I don’t never gain no weight,” The Game explained. “I eat ice cream at three a.m. Hamburgers. I never gain weight man and I be wanting to gain weight.”

Other artists being followed by IMEEM’s “Keys 2 The City” include Blu, U-N-I, and Raphael Saadiq.


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