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From entertaining Tweets, a “Power” remix and the G.O.O.D. Friday promotion featuring one new song every Friday until Christmas, Kanye West is trying to repair his image after that Taylor Swift debacle. If he wants to stay on our good side, here are 10 things ‘Ye can do to prove it.

1. Force Young Jeezy and Rick Ross to keep the peace.

Def Jam is about to have a civil war on their hands — unless you step in ‘Ye. You’ve done work with Jizzle in the past and recorded with Ross for his latest album, ‘Teflon Don.’ So, why not bring them together on a track for your G.O.O.D. Friday promo? Have them bury the beef and we’ll know that you really are the rapper with the most “power” right now.

2. Show Shyne how to put together a hit single.

You may think you’re the closest thing hip-hop’s got to God ‘Ye, but can you really perform miracles? If so, make L.A. Reid look like a genius for signing Shyne to the House That Russell Simmons Built. Make us forget about all the weak joints Po has dropped since his release from prison earlier this year. Make us like Shyne’s music again. You do that and we guarantee you’ll turn a lot of heads in hip-hop.



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