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The hip-hop ballad has been a problem since LL Cool J popularized it in 1987 with “I Need Love.”  Over the years, a handful of artists have been able to make respectable hip-hop ballads. However, for the most part, most hip-hop artists have failed.

Here are 9 of the worst hip-hop ballads ever released!

9. dead prez “Mind Sex”

My hatred of this song has always been a bit controversial.  dead prez burst on the scene in the early 2000s with their pro-black revolutionary but gangsta steeze.  Sure, the songs weren’t bad, but I always felt something was off about these guys.  Of course, years later I would move to NYC and hear all sorts of stories about their penchant for white girls, which sorta explains why this song exists.  No self-respecting black woman, no matter how much nag champa she burned in her dorm room in 2000, would fall for some of the lines these guys spit in this song.  Salads and croutons as aphrodisiac?

8. Redhead Kingpin & The FBI “Nice & Slow”

I struggled with putting this song on the list.  I actually used to like this song.  A lot.  But being 30 years old as opposed to 11 when it dropped makes for a bit of a difference.  I still like Redhead’s “Do The Right Thing” and “Pump It Hottie” though.   Word to David Guppy.

7. Doc Box & B. Fresh “Slow Love”

Doc Box & B. Fresh failed to make much of an impact during their very brief run in the early 90s.  Their biggest success came from their guest spot on Joyce “Fenderella” Irby’s “She’s Not My Lover,” but they were replaced by Damon Wayans in the song’s video.  “Slow Love” is a bit of a classic for those who were around to catch it when it dropped, but it hasn’t aged well at all.

6. MC Hammer “Have You Seen Her”

MC Hammer ruined several classics on his Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em album.  His unfortunate reinterpretation of The Chi-Lites’ classic “Have You Seen Her” is easily one of the worst hip-hop ballads ever recorded.

5. MC Brains “Brainstorming” (feat. Boyz II Men)

Part of Michael Bivins’ East Coast Family along with Boyz II Men and Another Bad Creation, MC Brains tried his hand at singing on this song from his debut album, Lovers Lane.  Bad move.

4. Mase  “Jealous Guys” (feat. 112)

Speaking of Michael Bivins, Mase’s version of New Edition’s classic “Jealous Girl” was nothing but embarassing, albeit funny to listen to.

3. LL Cool J “One Shot At Love

After the success of “I Need Love” LL Cool J decided that more slow jams were what his albums needed.  Found on his third album, Walking With A Panther, “One Shot At Love” attempts to recapture the magic of “I Need Love.”

It didn’t work.

2. Big Daddy Kane & Barry White “All Of Me”

You would think that Big Daddy Kane, being the ladies man he is/was in the early 90s, teaming up with the Walrus of Love, Barry White would result in a song that would automatically make panties fall to the ground.  Not the case.  This song is almost single-handedly credited with derailing Big Daddy Kane’s career.  Most hip-hop fans haven’t been able to take Kane seriously since this song and video came out.

1. LL Cool J “You’re My Heart”

This is not only the worst hip-hop ballad ever, but the worst song in LL Cool J’s catalog…. maybe even the worst song in all of hip-hop.

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