Rapper Fabolous is having some fun at porn star actor Brian Pumper’s expense–or lack thereof.

Thanks to some instigating by Fab #BrianpumperJewels became a trending topic on Twitter with many a one-liner being dedicated to emphasizing how fake his jewelry must be.

Pumper came to national prominence for his music video starring Montana Fishburne, “Oh It’s Shaved.” The aspiring rapper went through pains to showcase his “cars” and jewelry in the clip but it was obvious that car was in a showroom, leading viewers to speculate that nothing about it was real (but what rap video is?)

“Those brown dots on Montana Fishburne ass wasn’t pimples,” Fabolous Tweeted. ” It’s RUST drippin from #BrianPumperJewels while he hit it from the back!”


Here are the funniest of the bunch:

#BrianPumperJewels are made out of Google Chrome.

Big_HersheyMontana Fishburn showed her ass at Mardi Gras last year an they started throwing #brianpumperjewels

juztbishop #brianpumperjewels are made from backs of iPods

@Bobby_Drake313: I Cant Support #BrianPumperJewels because they are conflict plastic. children are dyin.

QuettaJ #brianpumperjewels are used for kat stacks anal beads

@IAM_BART: #BrianPumperJewels come wit a car charger!!

Mr10oh8 #BrianPumperJewels & #YungBergsChain are cousins.

@followurBESTiny: #BrianPumperJewels gets more green then he do #brokenigga


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