What if Jesus was your homeboy? Or if your homeboy was Jesus? A few years ago the crazy folks at Aaron McGruder’s Partner Rumble Studios put together some hilarious and controversial sketches called Black Jesus. It was s a bit crude but between all the cussin he was saying some real spit.

Since our audience has grown so much in the past few years and it got so many comments we wanted to bring it back and see what the 2011 readers had to say. Let he games begin.

Episode 1

Black Jesus : “I don’t get your attention with just love and kindness, I gotta come through with ‘Yac and herb…”

It’s Getting Old

Black Jesus asks for so little in return and still people don’t get the message.

Nice Ass Yeans

“I try to take care of everybody else, but nobody think about me…”

Black Jesus on Steve Jobs

“Loyalty, let me in, let me in your heart…you get money f*ckin with me…”

Ridin Sweet

“I traded in my chariot…wait til I get this Escalade…”


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