When you hear about couples in hip-hop names like Jay-Z and Beyonce grab the majority of headlines. But on the other end of the artistic spectrum are tandems like Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins.

The two met as labelmates on Stonesthrow Records and have stretched their unique brand of intelli-funk across several albums dating back to 1999, including 2010’s SomeOthaShip. The Fader Magazine caught up with the couple at Bumbershoot 2010 where they continued spreading their message of critical thinking and artistic responsibility.

Basically, we’re just working on raising the vibration of this music because [it’s] been tainted by demons of the industry. The government plays a big role in this music. They help dictate how this music goes  and how the people fall asleep. Music puts people to sleep like lullabies….I’d rather be slept on than asleep” – Dudley Perkins

Music is one of the most advanced technologies we’re in possession of. We need to stop taking the Earth for a dumb thing. Just because she can sustain our ignorance, doesn’t mean she’s dumb.” – Georgia Ann Muldrow

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If you need to get familiar check out this track from SomeOThaShip, “Shine On”


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