Ever since the release of “Monster” there’s been a lot of the chatter around the multiple personalities Nicki Minaj channeled during her verse. While we think the rookie did the damn thing talking to yourself on a track is nothing new in the rap game.  Here are five of our favorite examples of dissociative identity disorder on a song.

“Redman Meets Reggie Noble”

On this track from his debut album Redman plays the dozens with his government name redefining the phrase “self-hate.”

Biggie “Gimme The Loot”

On one of the most sinister tracks from Ready To Die Biggie plots a robbery with himself where even pregnant women catch a bad one. I thought this was another dude on the track for years. No lie.

Slick Rick “Mona Lisa”

MC Ricky D’s style made you feel like he was two MCs on the mic most of the time but it came in especially handy during his classic storytelling verses like this.

Tracey  Lee “Clue”

This slept-on hip-hop whodunnit featured Tracey Lee taking on not one, not two but four different personalities to solve a murder.

Beanie Sigel “Dear Self”

In this heartfelt discussion with his Id Beanie sounds almost genuinely repentant for all the wrong he’s done. I wish he could bring this much sense to his recent exploits and get back to making good music like this.


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