Last week, Rihanna did the whole nude album cover thing and of course it didn’t look too bad. But some artists go nude when they have no business doing so.

2 Live Crew – Nasty As They Wanna Be

BEST: The kings of controversy pushed the nation’s buttons with their sexual-themed music and this raunchy album cover of girls in thongs. The music content was over the top as well, causing it to be ruled as obscene and illegal to sell. Luke and 2 Live Crew had the last laugh: Nasty As They Wanna Be sold over two million copies.

Prince – Lovesexy

WORST: Prince posed nude on the cover of his 1988 album and not only did he offend people but also kind of grossed people out. Most record stories refused to carry it or wrapped in a black sleeve and maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. This is something that was probably supposed to be sexy turned just downright weird.

Lil Kim – Notorious K.I.M.

BEST: Lil Kim loves to show skin and she did so on the cover of her 2001 album. She appears topless, covering herself up with her jeans rolled down showing a “tattoo” that reads “Notorious K.I.M.” that gets mighty close to her public region.

Ice-T – Gangsta Rap

WORST: Ice-T released an album in 2006 (who knew!?) and put himself his woman on the cover laying in bed naked. Yikes, your girl is good to look at but we don’t want to see her laid up net to you. You’re not hip-hop’s John & Yoko (that’s f*cking gross too) so pull a satin sheet over your asses.

Ohio Players – All of their album covers

BEST: The Ohio Players had the most sexy and provocative album covers in the 70s from girls covered in honey to leather whips and chains. This makes them true innovators of the sexy album art.

Rick James – Throwin’ Down

WORST: This has to be the most suspect album cover of all time. Rick appears in a Roman outfit but there’s not much to the outfit. It’s like a ancient speedo with gladiator boots to match. The strategically places guitar in front of his crotch doesn’t help much either.

Remy Ma – Shesus Khryst

WORST: Remy Ma is depicted as a female Jesus nailed the the cross. Like Jesus, she also only has on loin cloth. Get what’s wrong with this picture?

Spank Rock & Benny Blanco – Bangers & Cash

WORST: This is a re-make of 2 Live Crew’s Nasty As They Wanna Be and that’s exactly what is wrong with it.

Trina – Da Baddest Bitch

BEST: This could be a best or a worst but since Trina is a bad ass bitch we had to vote for best. Only Trina could be half-naked in a nurses uniform with defibrillators in hand while straddling a dead man.

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