The 2010 MTV VMA’s  were  a wild ride.


Or take a look at the transcript of our live blog from the entire show, updated with video, pics, and hilarious Twitter commentary.

During the pre-show, Nicki Minaj & performed “Your Love” and “Check it Out.”

We don’t know what to make of’s outfit, other than he looks like he was auditioning for the role of the Gimp in Pulp Fiction.

9:00 – Eminem’s opening with “Not Afraid.”  Looks like he’s trying to channel 8 Mile.

9:03 – Rihanna’s hopped on stage for “Love The Way You Lie” looking like she raided Madonna’s wardrobe from her first appearance on the show back in the early 80s.

9:06 – LOL at Chelsea Handler’s entrance. She’s sending up Lady Gaga, wearing a model of a house on her head and some weird outfit.

9:13 – She just referred to Kanye as “the big black elephant in the room.”  Thought she was talking about Rick Ross at first.

9:15 – is tweeting about the backlash he got for his all-black-everything costume.

9:16 – Lady Gaga just won something.  She’s wearing something ridiculous.  No one is surprised.

9:24 – Chelsea Handler is surprisingly unfunny tonight.

9:28 – Kim Kardashian’s introducing Justin Bieber… Will Raekwon and Kanye come out?

9:31 – Even littler kids dancing behind Bieber.  No Raekwon or Kanye. Is this show over yet?

9:32 – Bieber just took a drum solo. Not mad at that.

9:38 – Usher’s performing “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” and he’s slipping and sliding around.

9:40 – So far the stage set is the only interesting thing about this show.

9:42 – Was it raining on stage?

9:44 – Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry presenting best male video.  Nicki looks surprisingly tasteful, aside from that pink wig.  Her booty gets an A+ from us.


9:49 – Seriously… if we were invited to the VMA’s this year, we’d be ready go home.

9:56 – Florence & The Machine is performing… This feels like Starbucks music… or something that’ll end up in an Apple iPod ad.

9:59 – N*E*R*D performing “Hot N Fun” with Ciara.   Everyone is obviously lip syncing. *yawn*

10:00 – For some reason MTV thinks we care about how many times someone tweets about Rihanna on the VMA’s per minute…

10:04 – Those cats from Glee are everywhere.

10:05 – Lady BlahBlah just won best pop music video.

10:07 – Taylor Swift is starting her performance with a clip of her incident last year… with Kanye edited out.  They just won’t let that whole thing die, won’t they?

10:17 – So yeah, that song was definitely aimed at Kanye… “32 and still growing up” she sang.  Way to take the high road.

10:23 – Drake is on doing that “Fancy” joint with Mary J Blige & Swizz Beatz.

10:34Sofia Vergara, for the win!   Oh, and Eminem won Best Hip-Hop video for “Not Afraid.”

10:42 – Bruno Mars doing the hook from “Nothin’ But You” after being introduced by Ne-Yo… B.O.B. on now.  How’d this guy get famous?

10:54 – Justin Bieber won Best New Artist.  Is anyone surprised by this?

10:57 – Linkin Park performing now.  Somebody needs to do something outrageous soon, because this is tamest, lamest, most boringest, VMA since… 2008.

11:06 – Cher just walked out looking like she just left the set of her “If I Could Turn Back Time” video.  Literally.  she’s wearing the same outfit, and looks exactly the same.  WTF?

11:07 – Lady BlahBlah wins video of the year for “Bad Romance.”  Her dress is made out of pieces of meat. Errm.. yeah.

11:08 – Aziz Ansari about to introduce Kanye.  Finally… The show is almost over.

11:09 – Kanye’s on stage in a red suit playing “Runaway” on his MPC live.

11:10 – We’d rather he just kept playing around on his MPC.

11:11 – “Let’s have a toast to the douchebags…”

11:13 – Pusha T just came on stage. WAIT.. IS KANYE WEARING EYE SHADOW?

11:14 – It’s over.  Thank God!

11:18 – Yeah, that was a total waste of 2 hours and 14 minutes.  Dear MTV, we’ll be sending you a bill for wasting our time and electricity.  Yikes.

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