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There was no Hennessy being passed around at the 2010 VMAs but that doesn’t mean a good time wasn’t being had by the attendees and performers, especially Rihanna and Katy Perry who couldn’t resist making this Justin Bieber sandwich!

According to insiders at MTV Kanye West DID have the best after party in his dressing room with Rihanna, Drake and many others stopping by to congratulate him after his debut of “Runaway” his ode to “douche bags” everywhere featuring Pusha T of The Clipse. [CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CLIP]

The award for most talked-about performance would probably got to Usher’s artist Justin Bieber. The 12-year-old pop sensation had an MC Hammer sized dance troupe on stage with him and flexed his drumming skills to the screams of women twice his age. I try not to hate the kid too much since he introduced my seven-year-old to Ludacris but the kid is disgustingly popular and I can’t wait for Willow Smith to jack his spot next year.

But the tweeners didn’t have all the fun. VMA host Chelsea Handler got into some hot tub action with the cast of Jersey Shore. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO OF THE JERSEY SOUP.


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