Lola Monroe better known as Angel Lola Luv released the latest single to her fourth (yes there are four) mixtape called Bo$$ Bi***s World II BATTEROEZ NOT INCLUDED(yes that is the spelling).

I don’t know what it is that possessed these women to turn to rap after their initial careers but it sure wasn’t talent.

5. Angie Martinez

Real Job: Hot 97 Radio Host

{looks around with blank stare} Angie, just stick to being on Hot 97–it works for you!

4.Lola Monroe

Real Job: Video hoe Model

Give it up honey.

3.Heather Hunter

Real Job: Porn Star

She’s the Brian Pumper of female porn stars.

2.Lisa Raye

Real Job: I have no clue what exactly she does, hm.

We love you Lisa but this was just terrible!

And the worst female rapper award goes to {Drum Roll}

1.Gloria Velez

Real Job: Veteran Video Hoe Vixen

Here’s a bonus…have fun!

Vida Guerra

Real Job: Booty model

Why did they amp her up like that–now she thinks she can rap, smh.

Think about…who are the 5 best rappers??? Not these ladies!

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