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If you look up “getting murdered on your own sh*t” in the hip-hop encyclopedia this verse from Ghostface on Cormega’s “Tony Montana” should be listed.

(Lyrics from OHHLA)

I play hard for nine innings dressed in fine linen

Cause p*ssy is the best next thing besides winnin

All the position i’ve been in couldn’t explain how I’m living

My vision my intuition has risen

Here take a listen I’m hitting

Up to bat with precision

Sealing bags in the kitchen

Slinging crack to these pigeons

For the fact that I’m driven

My linebackers is blitzin

Send you packin; good riddance

Trapped in this mission where snakes and rats is forbidden

Keep my gun hidden niggaz is bitches signing petitions

And they providing convictions

See I survive through the system under the livest conditions

My riders ride on a mission for snitching

You get your back blown right out of commission

Youll be missing like them crazy Christians and swimming with all the fishes

Your mrs will come and visit your body with hugs and kisses

Now tell me is that nutritious we party with chips and liquors

Your wisses is coming with us for real kid they bought me presents

The difference is this is business big biscuits big figures

We click on religious niggaz for acting too superstitious

Move cause the group is viscous

Shoot if you want your wishes to blow

See trife in the Bentley with a group of bitches


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