Our favorite artists use their music as outlets for how they’re feeling and bring common topics to the fore front for us to examine. However, these eight topics one’s we hear over and over again–  and it’s getting old.

To help current and future artists stop wasting their time, I evaluated the message in the songs and rendered a verdict on how you can avoid certain occurrences from happening again. Now we can all move forward to more important topics, like cocaine parrots.

8.Topic: My Mom Sucks

Example: Eminem, “Cleaning Out My Closet”

Verdict: Yeah, this topic is bad and all but you only get one mother and Em, you wouldn’t have half the material you rap about if it weren’t for her–Be Grateful!

7.Topic: I Love You But I Don’t Want To

Example- Rihanna ft. Neyo- I Hate That I Love You

Verdict: Get it over it, there’s not much you can do about being in love with someone. We don’t need to hear Rihanna whine for over 3 minutes about it.

6.Topic: I Have Too Much Money

Example: P Diddy,”Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”

Verdict: Donate all your money to the poor and homeless. Being broke will remind you of how many problems you really had.

5.Topic: My Man Ain’t Sh*t/ He’s Cheating

Example- Changing Faces “GHETTO”

Verdict: Stop dealing with trifling men.

4.Topic: We Broke Up & I Hate You Now

Example: Avant “Separated”

Verdict: That’s your fault, you couldn’t tell she was a bird from the beginning?

3.Topic: I’m An A**hole Please Forgive Me

Example- Avant “Don’t Take Your Love Away”

Verdict: How about(men) stop treating your women like pawns and we wouldn’t have to complain, nor would we leave you. *If your Kayne, just think before you speak.

2.Topic: I Want To Leave You For The Person I Really Want To Be With

Example- Usher “You Make Me Wanna”

Verdict: Leave them! It’s Simple. You’re only hurting yourself and that person by staying with them!

1.Topic: We Can’t Be Friends Cause We Had Sex

Example- Trey Songz “Can’t Be Friends”

Verdict: Don’t risk losing a friend over sex–unless the sex is good (Hey, get some ugly friends!)

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