Artists are always looking for ways to bring us new and innovative material. It sometimes involves weird titles like “Snake” or “Splash Waterfalls.”

You better believe that “Snake” isn’t a melody from Animal Planet and “Splash Waterfalls” isn’t about how beautiful Niagra Falls looks at night time. These titles make music fun but sometimes things get out of hand and you get a title like “Gonhorrea.”

Here’s 9 good/bad titles:


9.Trey Songz- Door Bell

Metaphor Meaning: Doorbell–“Imma give you that Ding Dong”

Ding Dong= Penis


8. Soulja Boy- Donk

Metaphor Metaphor: “You got a donk”= Big Butt

I have no clue how this even correlates to a big butt but then again it’s Soulja Boy, he never makes sense and he sniffs coke so…


7.Chris Brown- Run It

Metaphor Meaning: “Girl let me see if you can Run It” = Dancing or Sex

Banking on the fact that Chris Brown is a dance-o-holic I would think that “running it” would be to get down on the dance floor. Banking on the fact that Chris Brown was so young, “Run It” could have been his subliminal way of saying “getting it on.”


6.Young Money- Bedrock

Metaphor Meaning: “Call me Fred Flintstone I can make your Bedrock”= Making the bed rock during sex.

The first time I heard I can make your bed rock like Fred Flintstone it took me a while to figure out what they were talking about. When I did finally put the two together I realized that it was actually a cute joke.


5.Lil’ Wayne-Gonhorrea

Metaphor Meaning: You lames are p*ss*es. P*ss*s get std’s like Gonhorrea..I don’t need your Gonhorrea.

I honestly don’t know what would possess someone to even play around with the word Gonhorrea. Its just nasty and I don’t care which way you use it.


4.Sporty Thieves- Pigeon

Metaphor Meaning: Pigeon= Chicken Head= Dumb Female

You make the correlation…


3.R.Kelly- Ignition

Metaphor Meaning: “Girl, let me stick my key in your ignition”

Car Ignition= Vagina

R.Kelly made it easy to flirt with your co-worker without getting caught.


2.H-Town- Knockin’ The Boots

Metaphor Meaning: Knocking Boots= Getting It On

Knocking the boots never gets old.


1.R.Kelly-You Remind Me Of My Jeep

Metaphor Meaning: “You remind me of my jeep, I wanna ride it”= I want to sex you

R.Kelly is truly an innovator–comparing an automobile to sex–whodathunkit?

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