On his return to Saturday Night Live, Kanye West had to concede that there was some “power” even he doesn’t have.

After lashing out at against the SNL cast in his hit single, “Power” the outspoken rapper/producer had to alter his lyrics when he performed the song on the program.

“F— ‘SNL’ and the whole cast,” he originally rhymed. “Tell ’em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole a–.”

The diss was in response to SNL parodies of his MTV VMA’s debacle with Taylor Swift. But when he was invited to perform on the NBC show for the fourth time in his career he offered a mea culpa and changed the lyrics.

“The brown hero, live from Ground Zero/Machine gun flow, made her get a Ross Perot,” he sang instead. “And this is disestablishmentarianism / With my night goggles on, got military vision And it’s still a very Christian way to think about livin’/ When you prayin’ for freedom ’cause your mind been in prison/’Cause they tryin’ to control every single big decision.

Nonetheless, West did exert his own influence on program by  completely altering the standard Grand Central Station backdrop used by most artist. Instead West used a similar all-white motif that he employed at the VMAs. Watch video for the performance below.



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