A while ago I ventured off into the land of female artists who couldn’t dance, but that was only fun to laugh at.

These following women are joyous to look at and do certain dances better than all the rest.

The C- Walk

It’s rare to see females doing the “Crypt” walk. It’s a gang affiliated dance that most men look silly doing. That is until Beyonce put on her blue scarf and sexily stomped the ground out in “Soldier.”


The Booty Bounce

This classic dance is easy, you don’t even have to have the biggest butt to do it. It takes relaxing the muscles and shaking that s**t. Ciara changed the dance game in her video “Oh” where she climbed on top a car and rode it like pony.

Oh (2:16)

The Back Bend

Ci-Ci makes the list again. She may not be able to sing like the best of them but trust me she can dance better than all of them!

The Sexy Fall

Christina Milian took falling gracefully to another level in “Dip It Low.” She purposely plummeted to the ground bouncing her assets all the way.

The Booty Pop

Bey has thrusting her butt down packed!

Check On It (1:50)

The Tick

Nicki took it back with this one, probably because she isn’t the best dancer in the world. Nicki makes the tick look simple.

Massive Attack (2:56)

The Hip Roll

Im starting to believe that there is no female in this world who can dance as hot as Shakira. She takes sexy to a whole other level. Her hip rolls are effortless!

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