While partying at Miami Beach’s club Liv after a show last month, Drake was spotted in the V.I.P. area smoking what looked like a joint.

Radar Online got photos of Drake and the funny looking cigarette, and their source claims that the whole area reeked of weed.

We’re not surprised.

Drake’s a rapper.

Drake’s rapped about smoking weed before.

Besides, Drake’s down with sizzurp slurpin’ Weezy.

We should be thankful that he’s not “dating the white girl” a la Bruno Mars and Kid Cudi, or rolling on E like T.I. and Tiny, or smoking rocks like DMX, or shooting up heroin like B.G. used to do… or….

Should we go on?

All we gotta say to Drake (and all the other celebs that like public drug consumption) is that if you’re gonna participate in the illegal act of partaking in the stickiest of the icky (or any drug for that matter), do it at home before you go out to the club.  There are cameras everywhere, and who knows how the people whose products you endorse (hello Sprite and Kodak!) will feel about you being the face of their products as well as an unofficial spokesperson for Mary Jane.

Unless you’re Snoop Dogg.

Or a member of Cypress Hill.

And even if Drake just prefers to roll up his own tobacco, it would be in his best interest to know that Miami Beach recently passed a law banning smoking in indoor public places.

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