Jay-Z has as much of a hand in the New World Order as YOU do.

That is the assertion of artist Jason James, who has been following much of the debate about the “Jay-Z is a Mason” as much as the rest of us. He sent this email earlier in the week and  wanted to share so that you all can discuss.

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What up everybody..

I received an email from some random idiot tonight accusing me of using Satanic imagery in my music. So I took some time and wrote a blog post to shed light on the whole Illuminati in Hip Hop thing. I’m sending this out to all you guys just to read and if you feel like it, go ahead and re-post…

**DISCLAIMER: I’m using Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna as a point of reference because it seems that the 3 of them have been the main focus of all of this over the top Illuminati stuff. Now with that said, let’s get busy.**

Lately the world of Hip Hop has been going a little crazier than usual. “Jay-Z is part of the Illuminati”, “Rihanna is flashing Masonic hand gestures in photo shoots”, “Kanye West is using Illuminati symbolism in his videos”. I even received an email from some random nutjob claiming that myself and Rodney used Illuminati-esque imagery on the cover for Marvelous World Of Color and I secretly wrote about Satan on a song called “The Architect” (Satan is sometimes referred to as the architect of the world in the bible).

Sorry to tell you folks, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Is the Illuminati real? Yes. Do they have a plan to form a world government and control everything you say and do? Yes. Are your favorite rappers knowingly included in this grand scheme? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I don’t even know where to start with this, but being somebody who has studied The Freemasons, The Bohemian Club, The Bildergerg Group and The Illuminati I can tell you that the plan that’s unfolding in front of us is not in the hands of a bunch of musicians. Not even *gasp* Jay-Z.

Let’s begin at the bottom. There are 33 levels or degrees to Freemasonry. At the bottom you have the vast majority of Freemasons, sometimes referred to as “Shriners”. Most people never make it further than the 3rd degree which is the title of “Master Mason”. These people are looked at as a talent pool. It’s a bit like college sports. If you exhibit traits that the people in charge appreciate, you move up to the majors. If not, you just kinda hang around. A lot of Freemasons are members through family or close relationships with other members. Those who are truly devoted to the organization will spend a lifetime slowly moving up in the levels or degrees of membership. They are deeply rooted in the occult and they take their secrets and traditions very seriously.

During the long, drawn out process of moving up through the Freemason organization, members also move up through ranks in various high powered industries like weapons, finance, banking and eventually politics. These people are extremely powerful, highly influential and virtually unknown to most of the general public.

So is Jay-Z a member? Nope. Even if he was, there is no way that he would be anywhere near close enough to being a part of their grand operation. To the average person Jay-Z symbolizes the pinnacle of success. He has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank and still growing. He’s one of the wealthiest entertainers in North America and has an unbelievable amount of influence. But if you see it from their perspective, he’s not on their level. Being so far up on the social ladder, it’s entirely possible that Jay-Z has rubbed elbows with a few of the power players but there is no way he would ever formally be included in the plan for a one world government or new world order, which is their ultimate goal. Jay-Z plays as big of a part in the new world order as you do.

Yeah, Jay-Z has as much of a hand in the new world order as YOU do.

The role that artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West (even myself to a lesser degree) play in the grand scheme is the role of the distraction. To influence you to consume and buy into the bullshit or what I like to refer to as the “Grand Deception”. What the people in power want you to do is to continue to focus everywhere except on them. In order to do that, musicians, actors, etc., are used as false idols. They are put in place to direct the attention from what’s going on right in front of you. They are there to push an agenda. Even if they don’t know it, and I highly doubt any of them do.

The truth is, as artists we all start with a dream and there are certain benchmarks that occur throughout our creative lifespan. First there’s the moment that you realize you have “it”. Secondly there’s the first song or album where everything falls together perfectly and you’re officially in your groove. The third benchmark is the big one; the moment you have to make the crucial decision as to what’s more important, your artistic vision or your ability to capitalize from your talent. Due to years of social conditioning, for most Hip Hop artists they never really have to make this choice. Having spent years being at the bottom of our social hierarchy they already have a hunger for material things and the music reflects that. Through no fault of their own they already celebrate the consumer culture musically and so it’s only natural that they continue to do that once they actually have the resources to attain those things. Even with knowledge of all of this, I find myself dreaming of driving a fully restored 1952 Cadillac Deville through the streets of Vancouver right in front of all the people who said I’d never make it.

That’s what it’s all about. As a society we equate a person’s importance to ownership of material goods that we collectively value and they know this. Matter of fact, they created it.

The Illuminati isn’t something that just happened over night. They are generations of people who have been secretly working and executing a plan for over 100 years. The major turning point occured when the Federal Reserve was instituted in 1913. Once they took control of the money and the trade of goods, their plan for world domination went into full-swing and their main tool for brainwashing you into a consumer culture was the media. It was through celebrities and the illusion of the “american dream” that we walked right into the slaughter. Instead of focusing on how the machine worked, we were and still are the oil that keeps it running.

So are Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West and every other person that has supposedly used Masonic imagery in their art a part of this system? Yes. Are they aware of it? Possibly. Are you a part of it as well? Absolutely.

When Jay-Z did his multi-million dollar deal with Live Nation, or any other corporation for that matter, I’m sure he’s well aware of the system he’s a part of. But in his mind I’m sure he views it as good business and nothing more than that. There’s nothing wrong with music or entertainment. I myself am a huge fan of Jay and he’s been a major influence on me not just as an artist but also how I function in the music industry. I actually wasn’t even disappointed in Kingdom Come and thought it was far better than 99% of the Rap albums that came out that year. Kanye, despite how I feel about artists remaining humble and appreciative, is in my opinion one of the few true geniuses that still exist in music. Rihanna…. Well, have you seen her video for “Rude Boy”? Yeah, we’re all fans.

In conclusion, I think it’s great that people are waking up to the evil that exists in our world. I just think that we need to step back and open up to how sick and twisted it all really is and not try to find an easy scapegoat to blame it on. Jay-Z throws up the diamond because it’s a clever way to signal his crew and company, The Roc. Kanye uses all types of different imagery because he’s Kanye. Rihanna throws up the “devil horns” on magazine covers because she wants you to know that she rocks. And finally Rodney and I use the pyramid because it’s a sign of power and a deeper understanding and I wrote “The Architect” to welcome everybody to our view of the world, not because we hang with Satan.

Yes people, sometimes it’s THAT simple. The new world order is a real thing and it’s coming whether you believe it or not. It’s we the people, ALL OF US, who have the choice as to what we’re going to do about it.

And if after all that I wrote here wasn’t convincing enough, just think about the many times Kanye has stormed a stage or spoke his mind on live television. Could you imagine if somehow he felt slighted by another member of the Illuminati? Their whole plan would fall to pieces at that year’s Grammy Awards.

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