Happy Good Friday everyone.  This one is unquestionably dope, for a change.

The supergroup of Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell aka Child Rebel Soldier release their first track since “Us Placers” (or if you wanna get real technical, all three were on that “Everybody Nose” remix)

But before we get too far off topic here.

The topic is this dope song that Kanye gave away for Good Friday called “Don’t Stop.”

Now, we’ve admittedly only listened to it once, but it’s pretty rare that we love something right off the bat.  What can I say, we got some (proud) haters in the ranks.

Especially when it comes to Lupe, who hasn’t really impressed us since the days of “Kick Push” and “I Gotcha” (we were lukewarm on “Superstar” from the jump, sorry).  But Lupe, who gets the second verse on this cut makes us wanna rethink our not-so-positive stance on dude’s career choice for a second.

A second.

Pharrell opens the track and we immediately were wondering who wrote the verse for him.  Or maybe the beat is one of those that makes anyone sound like the best rapper since…   Since…  Well you get what we’re trying to say.

Kanye bats clean up and sounds like the Kanye we always liked.  “N*ggas hating on the internet / I couldn’t tell / I was too busy rappin / good as hell.”

Well Yeezy, no hate comin from us on this one.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Download this track for free at!

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