Quotes from Black history can be a great way to personalize yourself with some of the most prominent figures in American history.  The post Quotes You Should Read During Black History Month appeared first on NewsOne.

Nyack Middle School and its vendor, Aramark, apologized for serving fried chicken and watermelon to mark the start of Black History Month. The post NY School Apologizes For Marking Black History Month With Fried Chicken And Watermelon Lunch Menu appeared first on NewsOne.

The Columbus Police Department in Ohio debuted its Black History Month-themed cruiser with a quote attributed to the Rev. Martin Luther King that expects claim he never said. The post Columbus Police Show Off Black History Month-Themed Police Car With Reportedly Fake MLK Quote appeared first on NewsOne.

A bake sale on Clemson University's campus was held on the first day of Black History Month in opposition to affirmative action. Cookies were sold for prices based on the buyer's race. The post Clemson University ‘Affirmative Action Bake Sale’ Cookie Prices Based On The Buyer’s Race appeared first on NewsOne.

"White history month" is trending on Twitter as white conservatives air their grievances about Black History Month. The post White History Month Is Trending On Twitter Because…Of Course It Is! appeared first on NewsOne.

Miami police and Mayor Francis Suarez decided to celebrate Black History Month by unveiling a Black History Month-themed police cruiser. What's next, Kente clothe-covered handcuffs? The post Tone-Deaf Miami Cops Unveil Black History Month-Themed Police Car appeared first on NewsOne.

Black History Month has begun with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declaring all-out war on Black history being taught in schools. The post Black History Month Begins With Ron DeSantis Waging War Against Black History appeared first on NewsOne.

During this Black History Month, while we remember the leaders of the past, let’s not forget about our own well-being. The post A Self-Care Guide For Black History Month appeared first on NewsOne.

Xavierian Brothers, a mostly white Catholic high school in suburban Boston, not only chose to serve fried chicken for its Black History Month but administrators also placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of an African American cafeteria worker.

We’ve listed 28 black movies to watch during Black History Month so you can challenge yourself to one movie a day.

If you are going to properly celebrate Black history month, it’s important to learn about how it originated and why we celebrate it in February.