It’s National Chocolate Day, and what better way to celebrate than to highlight some of our favorite, chocolately stars. Black has always been beautiful, but when it comes to darker skin, it’s usually seen as something derogatory or unattractive — those are alternative facts. Nothing glows and shines quite like the dark-skinned person with creamy […]

The Lil Wayne and Birdman beef has taken another dramatic turn. Lil Wanye claimed in court documents that Birdman and Universal Music Group worked together to shortchange the artist by tens of millions of dollars. According to the TMZ report, the court documents was filed by Wayne’s lawyer, Howard King, in which Weezy is claiming that […]

June 14th is a very interesting day for America. Although some people recognize it as Donald Trump’s birthday, wise people know that there are other monumental things that happened on this very day. This day marks 200 days remaining until the end of the year and usually falls on a Tuesday or Thursday — rarely […]

It’s not uncommon to see music artists putting down the mic in exchange for scripts and acting credits. Out of all the musicians who followed that Hollywood blueprint, only a select few have managed to excel in both industries. Check out our list of musicians who went from melody masters to elite actors.

Born out of New York City ball culture and drag shows, the dance form of voguing has become a staple in LGBTQ communities, especially in queer communities of color. Now, multiple sub-categories such as old way, new way and vogue femme have made their way from the underground to competitions around the world. Here’s a […]

In this day and age when police brutality, sexism and racism are at an all time high, it’s pretty imperative that oppressed peoples stay aware of the conflict surrounding them in order to make a change. The turmoil in America has even forced privileged Hollywood stars to speak out against the blatant injustices going on today. […]

Leave it to the Internet to turn #FlashbackFriday into a potential movie pitch session. A three-year-old photo has been making its rounds on social media of Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna sitting pretty in the front row of a Paris fashion week. Twitter pitched an entire action-comedy story-line based on the gorgeous pic. See below: Even […]

As we come up on the anniversary of Prince‘s death, many people around the world are still mourning the icon’s untimely passing. In a week that is sure to be filled with purple-themed parties, we at Global Grind recall some of the best tributes following the passing of the GOAT — as well as the […]