Hot and sexy FHM model Jennifer Pierre shows off her unmentionables… as in her new lingerie line, Only You. The bi-racial beauty (Haitian/Italian) is this week’s Skin Deep pick of the week. Peep our sensual gallery below:

EA and Pandemic have revealed that the two White House hopefuls will be available and playable characters in <em>Mercenaries 2.</em>

With the forthcoming launch of <em>NBA 2K9</em> right around the corner, 2K Sports brought out some of the league's brightest including cover star Kevin Garnett for a launch party at New York's Red Bull Space.

Dwayne Wade is a lot of things, but a quitter is not one of them. After a season-shortening hip and knee injury, the Miami Heat were giving up and racking up a pretty dismal season. But with Shaq gone, Flash recouperated, won Olympic gold and sits down with The Urban Daily to talk about Wade’s World, why Obama would […]

For fans of the critically-acclaimed Star Wars franchise, you may be upset to know that the Lucas braintrust decided to amend their story with a new apprentice for Darth Vader. But for the truly enthusiastic gamer, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a thrilling moment full of amazing displays of power and destruction, that could’ve […]

Tiger Woods may be god of both the green and greenbacks, but the world’s most recognized golfer has had a hit or miss record when it comes to his own video game franchise. Last year’s model lacked a genuine personality to offset touchy controls, so-so online play and gave absolutely nothing new for the Tiger Woods experience. […]

I moved to Brooklyn from the small, quiet and quaint town of Kent, Ohio and for anyone who’s ever been away from your hometown for awhile, you know how complicated a return trip can be. With Silent Hill: Homecoming (Konami), your home is plunged into a maelstrom of supernatural activity and all you got is your […]

Microsoft recently held a media event in Tokyo where From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi announced that its “cinematic action” title Ninja Blade will be ready for shipping for the XBox 360 in early 2009.