Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington, two of Hollywood’s most saught after thespians, star in a harrowing thriller that crosses the racial lines with Lakeview Terrace.The Urban Daily sits down with this pair to discuss their roles in Neil LaBute’s latest flick, question if love truly is color blind and dig to see if there was any sexual […]

Old school R&B singers are classic… especially when they are played by Samuel L. Jackson and the late Bernie Mac. The two stars team up for this November’s appropriately titled Soul Men.

Being too comfortable in a dress may have helped the new king of black Hollywood to learn a few things about what women desire. Director/Writer/Actor Tyler Perry manages to orchastrate his cast headlined by Academy Award winner Kathy Bates and Academy Award nominee Alfre Woodard in this scandally delicious contemporary drama of two very different families being torn […]

Stand-up comedienne Sommore has it all looks, brains… and the mouth of a wayward sailor. The Trenton, NJ native recently premiered her new stand-up special, The Queen Stands Alone, on Comedy Central — the DVD version due out Sept. 30 — so The Urban Daily caught up with the one of the “original queens of comedy” to […]

Don Cheadle’s wide array of characters have given us a very in-depth look at the man in front of Hollywood’s wide-eyed lens. From subtly silly roles (Ocean’s 11) to being humbly heroic (Hotel Rwanda), Cheadle musters up his talent once more for the international action thriller Traitor.

Focus Features dropped 10 million dollars on the strength of getting another Happy, Texas-styled hit, but with broader appeal. Enter Steve Coogan. As the unpronounceably surnamed Dana Marschz’s, this unevenly inspired tale of an unaware and deluded high school drama teacher and his attempt to stage his greatest work-to-date, Hamlet 2.This sequel has enough comedy to even make Shakespeare […]

If you’re a fan of insane car chases, huge explosions and catchy one-liners, then Death Race is not for you. The variation-on-a-theme is brought to you courtesy of Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil) and with action about as mindless as Paris Hilton taking the SATs, Death Race’s engine stalls, then spirals out-of-control into a wall. Buckle up, kiddos, it’s […]

Fred Durst… really? That was my initial reaction after learning from my press notes that the former Limp Bizkit frontman had directed The Longshots (And yes, we’re talking about the same guy who sang the lyrics, “keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin'”). The new knowledge was surprising but I didn’t let it cloud my judgment. Besides, […]

This is a sad day… One of my personal heroes is gone. Many of you may not know the name Julius Carry, but you will definitely remember his genre-defying turn as the meanest, roughest, toughest action villian of the ’80s… Sho’nuff, The Shogun of Harlem in 1985’s The Last Dragon. While all my friends were […]

You were probably as surprised as I was when word got out that the third installment of The Mummy franchise was going to not only be in theaters, but also starred the aging martial arts superstar Jet Li. The dust and rust that eminates from this thrice-tried-and-true formulaic production makes it clear that the time has come for […]

With the No. 2 movie in the country, Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have a lot to laugh about. The Urban Daily recently caught up with the comic duo to talk about the film, John Stamos and resurrecting the infamous Ron Burgundy.

Step Brothers is a stupid movie. Sure, the previous collaborations between Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay (Anchorman and Talladega Nights) are both pretty stupid too, but Step Brothers reaches far beyond these films in terms of brainlessness. The premise, plot, and characters are all absurd. That said, Step Brothers is very funny at times. […]