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Donald Glover's rise from token friend to primetime titan is about more than ratings.

TUD sat down with some of the network's leading ladies.

While the movie has hit several legal snags, the producers behind the biopic are now aiming for a November release date.

Just four episodes in and Donald Glover‘s FX show Atlanta has become everyone’s go-to show on Tuesday nights. The show chronicles Glover’s character, Earn, who goes through the peaks and valleys of being his cousin’s newfound manager. Aside from trying to get his cousin’s music too pop, Glover’s also been putting us onto a bunch of […]

During the two-minute clip, we watch Issa navigate #RealLifeBlackGirlProblems while balancing her strained relationship with her boyfriend.

To offer his opinion on Nate Parker and 'Birth of a Nation,' which is set to hit theaters on October 7, the retired athlete wrote a review of the film.

In this sneak peek we see a couple of dudes try to step to the superhero in a restaurant.

The actor has just signed on to star as a detective investigating the murders of rappers Biggie and Tupac in Brad Furman's 'Labyrinth,' an adaptation of the book published in 2002.

Still shaken by Steve Harvey's infamous flub at last year's Miss Universe Pageant, Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, is going to stop the comedian from hosting again if it's the last thing he does.

A few days after his first hosting gig at the MTV VMAs, the record producer landed his second hosting job.

Donald Glover's new show, 'Atlanta,' is set to premiere on FX in just a few days, and he's just shared a new promo.

GlobalGrind has the exclusive first look into Denzel's role, a courageous cowboy bounty hunter who saves the day.