Jadakiss has been in the game for over 15 years, and in that time he’s churned out hits. So if you’re arguing with your friends about who is one of the best rappers and you don’t say Jada, he will want to know ‘why’ — especially because it was his biggest song. “I always wanted […]

The average man has a lot of women his life that he has to keep happy, especially around the holidays. While you may be long on generosity you may be short on ideas, so here are some quick suggestions to help you knock off that check list. Wife/Girlfriend Jewelry is always a safe bet, but […]

Audio Push has experienced a jolt in their buzz since releasing their Come As You Are project. As that circulates the Internets, the HS87 duo deliver more new material and celebrate the launch of their website with the “So Far To Go (Freestyle),” featuring Preston Harris. J. Dilla’s utterly soulful Donuts production becomes the palette Price and Oktane use to trade verses […]

Writing songs for others and capturing the spirit of people’s feelings is what brought Sevyn Steeter into the music business, and it’s something she continues to do as a solo artist. “I like to have conversation with the people I’m writing for,” Sevyn said. I wanna know what you’re going through… It can be kind […]

Chris Brown was arrested over the weekend in D.C. for a felony assault charge. Although it sounds like the same story on a different day, the sobering reality is that one more run in can cost Brown 25 years to life. He’s only 24 years old. This morning on “NewsOne Now“ with Roland Martin, “America’s […]

We all remember exactly when we heard the news that Michael Jackson had died. But the “how” and “why” still feel unclear, even three years after the King of Pop’s passing. Last night’s season finale of “Celebrity Crime Files” revisited the case. Watch the full episode below, and tune in to “Celebrity Crime Files” on […]

Barneys has come under fire in recent days when two separate instances of racial profiling were brought to light. Two black customers who were stopped by police after making expensive purchases at the department store are filing discrimination lawsuits against both the store and the New York City Police Department. Many of America’s biggest brands, […]

Tiara Thomas made a name for herself on Wale’s single, “Bad,” and she is ready to break away from his shadow with the release of her debut EP, “Dear Sallie Mae.”  She recounted a story of when she told her mom she wanted to drop out of college. It was something her mother didn’t recommend because […]

Since the release of TLC’s biopic this past week. I’m sure every artist who has had a bit of relevancy in their time will jump on board…

  In today’s terrible parenting news, a woman just received nine to thirty years in prison for physically abusing her own son. Some of the abuse includes burning his penis and nipples with a lighter and forcing the young man to eat feces. The New Hampshire woman named Christine Gelineau struck a plea deal with […]

The politics of money and privilege collide as the Washington Washington Football Team owner defends the use of the name as “heritage.” Cultural insensitivity is nothing new. My goddaughter who grew up attending predominantly white schools recently shared a Buzzfeed post that parodied being the only black person in class. Some of the things on the list […]

Longtime DJ extraordinaire Spinderella was one-third of the hottest yet most sexually liberated rap groups of all time, Salt-N-Pepa. The group, who took home a Grammy for rapping about safe sex, was never afraid to  show off their feminine side. Spinderella believes that sex comes to a female entertainer’s advantage, but there’s should be more. MUST […]