A 34-year-old Georgia woman was trying to make a living in a traditional way, but it wasn’t quite working out.  Rita, who now goes by her stage name Kristy Love, graduated from beauty school but had difficulty finding work. Potential employers questioned if she would be able to stand all day tending to clients because […]

We all know that Kenya Moore is gone with the wind. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has always made it clear that she’s a real deal actress.  On  the last episode of “The Rickey Smiley Show,” the former Miss USA (not Miss America, folks!) finally gets to flaunt those acting skills. Kenya got her […]

Last night, “Verses & Flow” returned to TV One with undeniable superstar power. The always versatile Jill Scott showed off her talents in both spoken word and song to kick off the season. In addition to Jilly from Philly, host Omari Hardwick introduced young spoken word duo Carven and Miles, as well as a soul-chilling […]

It was HelloBeautiful’s privilege (and pleasure) to host John Legend at the Red Rooster in Harlem, for our HelloBeautiful’s third InterludesLIVE event. The dimly lit venue was…

  New York DJ Mr. Cee has been going through it for the past few years. He was repeatedly busted for soliciting prostitutes and each time he was arrested, it was found that the women were actually cross dressers. UPDATE: Listen To His Interview On The Morning Show HERE! Listen To Mr Cee’s final mix […]

Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter John Legend plays well with others. In addition to his numerous solo hits, the Ohio native has been spreading his vocals across the hip-hop landscape for over a decade completing some great collaborations. RELATED:  Busta Rhymes Top 10 Guest Verses [VIDEO] | The Urban Daily With his fourth studio album “Love In […]

  You never know what will cause a person to snap and go postal on someone. A Virginia man turned himself in to police after shooting and killing his children’s mother. 34-year-old Travis Barker went to the home of his ex-girlfriend Wendy Billups to visit his children on his youngest child’s birthday. When he got […]

What in the name of bad ideas would ever possess this child to get behind the wheel of a moving car and not pay the slightest bit of attention to traffic or her own lane for that matter?! We can’t even begin to describe the horrifying reckless behavior she engaged in! Check it out in […]

  According to DJ’s Doing Work, a Chicago woman, Cierra Ross has been arrested and charged with raping and robbing a man at gun point. Allegedly when she was done she stole his iPhone, then kicked him out naked! Wait…WHAT? It’s a real story even though it sounds like one of internet legends we’ve all heard […]

The new iOS7, iPhone 5C and 5S are finally here. They have tons of new features for the new 5S and 5C. The 5S has…

John Legend is truly a class act. We got to spend the day with the Grammy Award winning singer on the set of HelloBeautiful’s InterludesLIVE.…

Toni Christina Jenkins (pictured) was working an afternoon shift on Saturday at the Red Lobsterrestaurant in Franklin, Tenn., where she says a Caucasian couple racially insulted her. After receiving their bill of nearly $45, they allegedly scribbled, “None Ni**er” in the tip section of the bill instead of leaving a customary gratuity, according to the Daily Mail. The […]