As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in dire condition in a Georgia hospital, her longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is one person reportedly not on hand. Gordon has been tweeting about the matter, with one of the more recent posts from his account pleading, “If she hears my voice let me massage her, play her favorite music […]

The digital spat between Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Kanye West has been dominating the 24-hour news cycle whether listeners and fans want to hear it or not. The numbers would suggest fans do want more, as West’s recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club amassed 1.2 million views in less than 48 hours. […]

February 21, 2015 marks the 50-year anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination in Harlem’s Audubon Ballroom. As part of NewsOne Now’s commemorative podcast, Roland Martin was joined by a number of guests who weighed in on Malcolm X’s influence before and after his death. Among the many to offer commentary was photographer and close Malcolm X […]

Ahmad Givens, who starred in the hit VH1 Reality TV series, Real Chance At Love has died at the age of 33 according to multiple reports. Givens had been battling Colon Cancer. Last year, he spoke to The Urban Daily  about his fight with the disease. When did you first find out you had cancer? What was the indication […]

Over 30 women have accused Bill Cosby of various forms of sexual assault, with roughly a dozen women coming forward in November and December of 2014 alone. Cosby has seen his show sales decline while networks and colleges he’s been affiliated with distance themselves from him. As someone who was a camera stand in for […]

March is right around the corner, and that means we’ll officially be one quarter of the way through 2015. As the calendar days fly by, you might want to start looking forward to the sunnier holidays when you’re not rushing back inside the house from shoveling snow and starting the car. Don’t spend another Memorial […]

If you’ve been one of the many boxing fans eagerly awaiting the long-anticipated bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, you may want to thank the NBA’s Miami Heat. After having a brief, private conversation with Pacquiao in Miami at a run of the mill contest between the Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks on […]

With one season left on his $25 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s widely assumed Kobe Bryant will  retire after the 2016 season. Despite being voted by fans to play in the 2015 NBA All-Star Game and surpassing Michael Jordan’s mark of 32,292 career points, Bryant has suffered season ending injuries during his […]

Amber Rose was correct in her assessment of Kim Kardashian in an interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club.” Kanye West has every right to defend his wife. However, the manner in which West did so highlighted that for all his talk of innovation and forward thinking – in both art and perspective – Kanye can […]


Is this a new Kanye West were witnessing? The iconic rapper/producer/designer gave one of the biggest interviews of the year last year and nearly shut down Twitter in the process. Interestingly, perhaps the biggest surprise of the most recent interview with The Breakfast Club wasn’t a sharply-worded rant but the opposite: Ye was calm, polite, temperate, and just overall pleasant throughout. […]

While Tyga is running around and denying that he is in a romantic relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, Kanye West is admitting that the “Rack City” rapper is actually in love with his sister-in-law. In an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club earlier today, West had a bit to say about the relationship between […]

Fresh off of his Breakfast Club interview, Kanye West had more to say. This time all about his fashion industry woes. MORE LINKS ON THE URBAN DAILY Kanye West + Drake Is The Album We’ve All Been Waiting For Kanye Had To Take 30 Showers After Being With Amber Rose This Rapper Got A ‘Life-Changing’ […]