According to TMZ Antoine Dodson, the “Bedroom Intruder” song star, is filming a reality show with E1 entertainment. While the show doesn’t have a name yet (“To Catch A Predator” is already taken and Martin Lawrence has “Run Tell Dat” on lock), it is being executive produced by actress Kali Hawk. Dodson came to prominence […]

The last time I went to the club I noticed that the DJ played the crowd against one another. Usually it would be girls against guys; something like “No Scrubs” versus “Pigeons. But lately things have gone another way; the DJ’s started to play the light skin females against the dark skin females. I would […]

We weren’t the only ones that wanted to petition for better education in prison when we saw Gucci Mane’s pause-worthy facial tattoo of three ice cream cones on his face. Even the artist responsible is having regrets. The writers over at counted down some of the most questionable ink choices in recent times and […]

We stumbled across this photo montage of a young gentleman who decided that a dark caesar cut just wasn’t good enough for him.

At least that’s what this video of her laying about doing nothing seems to be. When you’re a video girl with no song to shoot a video for and no more rapper boyfriend, what do you do? You shoot an extended clip of you laying in bed playing with your iPad and then getting dressed […]

Blackvoices writer Jay Anderson highlights a disturbing new product called “Subs” that are supposed to help young men with their sagging pants problems. ” the “saggin” problem has officially been solved now, because some enterprising suburban entrepreneur has perfected a freakin’ garter belt for thugs...” If your pants fall down when they sag now you […]

File this under “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.” Usually when people are recording the police on video, they are not the subject of the arrest. This time “Deal Wit It Entertainment” brings you a new way to document police brutality at its finest. The cops don’t even care that the camera is out when […]

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time but for some it is a time to exercise their freedom of expression no matter how volatile it is.

A Billboard in Atlanta featuring Bishop Eddie Long and the words, “Love Like Him, Live Like Him, Lead Like Him” is causing controversy. Long’s Church, New Birth Missionary Church has claimed that the words are referring to Jesus, but it appears to be referring to Bishop Eddie Long, which would make the words “Love Like […]

FARMVILLE, Va. – An aspiring rapper who embraced a style of music known as “horrorcore” pleaded guilty Monday to killing his 16-year-old girlfriend, her parents and her friend. Richard “Sam” McCroskey was sentenced to life in prison Monday as part of his agreement to plead guilty to two counts of capital murder and two counts […]

  From ABC News A gunman, possibly carrying explosives, has entered the headquarters of the Discovery Channel and fired shots, according to police in Silver Spring, Md. RELATED STORIES Police Say Jailguard Killed Ex-Lesbian Lover And Uncle And Kidnapped Niece Man Dies After Shootout At McKinney Texas Police Station