We teach girls to shrink themselves To make themselves smaller We say to girls, “You can have ambition But not too much You should aim…

The late visionary and revolutionary Nelson Mandela shook the world and also shook up music. On Sunday, Dec. 15, TV One will re-air, “Song Cuts Through Race,” and we’ll see how Mandela, and those who supported him during his long imprisonment, understood that music, more than words, could unite the world. Watch the sneak peek […]

Just when we’re reeling from Shonda Rhimes’ “Scandal” winter finale shockers and Daddy Pope’s epic monologue, Beyonce drops the biggest surprise of all– by releasing…


Wow this story is all over the place when it comes to speculation and it’s super wild when it comes down to thinking little Lindsay could be this vicious but according to TMZ, Miss Lindsay Lohan may have been the cause of Barron Hilton getting pummeled the other night at a party. TMZ reports that […]

Wow…just WOW! According to The Washington Post  the FBI has had the ability to secretly activate a computer’s camera without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording for years now. So for all of you who leave your laptops on and open…we hope you aren’t doing anything…embarrassing! Hell we hope you aren’t doing […]

In today’s episode of “what in the hell were you thinking?” we take a look at a story reported by  Gawker in which a Florida man named  Depree Johnson accused of orchestrating “dinner time” burglaries in Boynton Beach, Florida senior and retiree neighborhoods was arrested after posting a series of incriminating photos on Instagram. The photos which were posted […]

Ask the average hip-hop fan to play word association with Talib Kweli’s name and “romantic” is probably the last word you’ll get. However, over his almost twenty-year career the Brooklyn MC has stacked his catalogue with passionate, flirty and affirmative songs dedicated to the fairer sex like, “Love Language,” “Won’t You Stay,” “Never Been In […]

There is a thing called “Chill” that seems to be in short supply nowadays, especially during times of mourning. Before most sites could click “publish” on their stories about fallen anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela there were people across the web bringing out the worst. RELATED: Nelson Mandela & Music: 10 Essential Anti-Apartheid Songs From the fake […]

If you are going to be anyone’s side piece, make sure their partner doesn’t work with the two of you. It gets really messy and even dangerous. Just take this case for example, a doctor found out her husband was cheating on her with one of their co-workers and broke into the side chicks house […]

According to TMZ, Wendy‘s has a whole new illegal option on their menu. (Nah not really!) But thanks to one of their former employees maybe they could! Allegedly a Wendy’s employee was arrested last month in Georgia after making a cheeseburger with weed in it! We’re thinking they could call it something like the “Cool Out Consumable Burger” or […]

Calling it unfair, Daddy Yankee has vowed to fight against the recent $6 million judgment against him made in Miami courts. Related: Daddy Yankee Ordered…