Apparently Mathew Knowles aka Beyonce and Solange‘s father is also a father to not one but TWO other kids! According to TMZ, the latest paternity test proved that there was a DNA match with another little kid in Houston! TMZ obtained a copy of the paternity test ordered by a judge in Houston after Knowles was […]

So, DC Young Fly is a Vine comic who has been taking over people’s timelines from sea to shining sea. He often makes jokes out of pop culture figures. Well, apparently comedian Kevin Hart was having none of it when Young Fly came for him! Take a look at how it got started and where […]

As we previously reported, there was a wealth of controversy surrounding the death of Bronx born Rapper Tim Dog over the last year. A woman named Esther Pilgrim had dealings with the rapper and he allegedly defrauded her out of a healthy sum of money.  She was furious that she was never able to recoup the […]

As we previously reported, on Friday, September 12, 2014 Kanye West was performing in Sydney, Australia and stopped mid-performance to insist all of the fans stand up before he would continue with his show. After stopping the concert a second time to throw another ranty tantrum about people sitting down, he found that the two […]


There is no reason to not be in awe with the music and formations that come out of this halftime show. Trust me, it’s worth watching to the end. How many TV theme songs can you name from this tribute?

When rapper Fat Joe attended New York Fashion Week last week something was  definitely missing. We’re going to go out on a limb and say what was missing was the abundance of weight that we are used to seeing him with! A very slimmed down Joe not only showed up to the fashion show in […]

Why aren’t we surprised by this story? According to TMZ, crazy Uncle Kanye went off the rails again during a concert in Sydney, Australia.  Kanye was playing a gig at the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney when he stopped rapping mid-song … and began ordering the crowd to get on their feet before he’d […]

According to TMZ, Jay Z may have dropped a HUGE pregnancy bombshell as it pertains to his wife Beyonce during their concert Friday in Paris. The couple were in France for their “On the Run” tour and during Jay’s song “Beach is Better” he reportedly changed one key lyric and the interments have lost their collective minds as […]

Wow and more wow! Chris Brown sat down with Sway of  MTV News and spoke very openly and intelligently about his own experiences in dealing with domestic abuse and how to move forward once something like this happens. We must say, Breezy shocked us with his honesty on this topic. Take a look at what Chris […]

Although it took him a little bit longer than it was supposed to, Mr. Apollo Nida finally made it to the Kentucky Penitentiary where he will be living for the better part of the next decade after pleading guilty to bank fraud. However, he left one last message for the fans and  TMZ was able […]

We aren’t going to hazard a guess as to what in the world is happening right now with Nicki Minaj‘s backside! According to TMZ, after her performance at Fashion Rocks the other night, pictures from the event were released and some of them have got people asking questions! Take a look at one of those pics […]

Leave it to Ellen to turn something so seductive into something beyond hilarious! In her new fall season Ellen is going all out for her viewers…and we do mean all out! Check out her tribute for guest Nicki Minaj in the video below! Two words for this one…HOT MESS! But it’s definitely a wonderful hot […]