Ask the average hip-hop fan to play word association with Talib Kweli’s name and “romantic” is probably the last word you’ll get. However, over his almost twenty-year career the Brooklyn MC has stacked his catalogue with passionate, flirty and affirmative songs dedicated to the fairer sex like, “Love Language,” “Won’t You Stay,” “Never Been In […]

There is a thing called “Chill” that seems to be in short supply nowadays, especially during times of mourning. Before most sites could click “publish” on their stories about fallen anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela there were people across the web bringing out the worst. RELATED: Nelson Mandela & Music: 10 Essential Anti-Apartheid Songs From the fake […]

If you are going to be anyone’s side piece, make sure their partner doesn’t work with the two of you. It gets really messy and even dangerous. Just take this case for example, a doctor found out her husband was cheating on her with one of their co-workers and broke into the side chicks house […]


According to TMZ, Wendy‘s has a whole new illegal option on their menu. (Nah not really!) But thanks to one of their former employees maybe they could! Allegedly a Wendy’s employee was arrested last month in Georgia after making a cheeseburger with weed in it! We’re thinking they could call it something like the “Cool Out Consumable Burger” or […]

Calling it unfair, Daddy Yankee has vowed to fight against the recent $6 million judgment against him made in Miami courts. Related: Daddy Yankee Ordered…

Just when you thought things were so crazy in America that you wanted to move to Britain, this mess hits the news. A pregnant woman was forced to give birth to her baby by Britain’s judiscial system and the woman cannot see or bring her baby home.   Yes, that sounds crazy to us too, […]

You never really know someone until they get arrested and all of their dirty laundry hits the streets. A Florida mayor is currently locked underneath the prison system after being arrested for making a little extra money on the side by selling drugs.   MORE ON THEURBANDAILY.COM: The Best Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign Hampton, […]

Any time singer-songwriter Amel Larrieux‘s name gets mentioned, a smile can’t help but slide across one’s lips. Larrieux has been making soundtracks to our heart’s roller coaster ride since 1995. In the beginning, she wrote about love from a very new perspective. On “Tell Me,” Larrieux asked her man to tell her if he was […]

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CeCe Peniston is a singer whose 1991 dance hit “Finally” made her a superstar. Appearing on her debut album of the same name, “Finally,” reached…

On the 14th anniversary of his rescue, Elian Gonzalez reveals that he isn’t thrilled about his time spent in the United States. According to Fox…


Algebra Blessett is gearing up for the release of her second album, “Recovery,” and she is ready to evolve and grow with R&B. “R&B music is everything that we know,” Blessett said. “Gospel, emotions, songwriting, it’s out feelings just out there on a platter.” With her latest single, “Nobody But You,” she highlights that just […]