Late 1980’s R&B singer D’Atra Hicks recently made an appearance on TV’s “Divorce Court” with her husband when she displayed an unconventional anger management technique.

Ex- Floetry Member Ambrosius is doing the “single thing” and along with a new album there’s a new looking Ambrosius.

Although Tiny and T.I are known for their Grammys, charting topping hits and television shows, they have much more in common, as both of their fathers are Alzheimer’s victims.

Plus-size model Toccara isn’t looking so plus-size these days. The America’s Next Top Model contestant has lost a huge amount of weight and is teetering on the edge of losing her plus-size status. Toccara was recently spotted having lunch with Bobby Brown at Sushi Samba in NYC. Take a look: Do you think she’s lost […]

Kanye West was so upset by last night’s leak of another unfinished song that he’s putting his “Good Friday” series of free downloads on hold for the week.

Within the last four days, 4 gay teens have committed suicide. Most recently a Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, due to “bullying” for reasons related to sexual orientation.

Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon showed themselves to be some serious hip-hop heads during a sketch on last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. It all started with a simple question from Jimmy about whether or not Justin grew up listening to hip-hop and ended with an impressive trip through the history of hip-hop as […]

Sade has announced that she and her band will be heading out on tour in the United States for the first time in 10 years.

Which sexy socialite did this geeky girl five-year-old girl grow up to be?

Faith Evans & Redman have crafted what could be the grown folks club jam of the year.

Diddy “kilt” it on stage at a recent show in Scotland for MTV. During a taping for “MTV Crashes Glasgow” Diddy decided to pay homage to the Scottish audience by rocking the traditional man-skirt. But how many points do you give him for striking this pose? See more from this show at