In 2009, Eminem unleashed a verbal attack on Mariah Carey after she released the music video for her hit song “Obsessed.” In the video, Mariah dressed up in grey sweats and Eminem’s signature snap back hat to spoof the rapper. It only turned ugly from there when Eminem released a diss record against her and […]

The Kangol Crew, from the famed High Schoool of Music and Art in New York City, produced 2 of the better story tellers in Hip Hop in the form of Slick Rick (Children’s Story, Mona Lisa, Hey Young World) and Dana Dane (Nightmares, Delancey Street, Dana Dane With Fame). Throughout the years, the best friends […]

On the set of DJ Khaled’s video “Welcome To My Hood” T-Pain couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off his diamond-encrusted liquor bottle collection. Over the past few months he’s been collecting the tacky trinkets, first a Nuvo Chain and then a Ciroc bottle chain. The collection has expanded to include Ludacris’ Conjure cognac […]

If you walk around the streets of New York and ask who was the best to ever do it in hip hop, you will get all kinds of crazy answers, but the most common answer might be The Notorious B.I.G., who most say is the best dead or alive.  Biggie only gave the world two […]

Now that almost every MC is altering their voice using the latest studio equipment, The Urban Daily is paying tribute to 10 MCs whose real voices are as critical to their success as their lyrics.

Ever since the release of “Monster” there’s been a lot of the chatter around the multiple personalities Nicki Minaj channeled during her verse. While we think the rookie did the damn thing talking to yourself on a track is nothing new in the rap game.  Here are five of our favorite examples of dissociative identity […]

Besides fame and fortune, celebrities showed us 2011 was all about love. Not just finding and sustaining, but falling in and out of love, and all the sloppy behavior in between. Instead of doing a normal retrospect of urban celebrity romances, we’ve decided to hand out awards commemorating love in 2011. The nominees are… The […]

The Notorious B.I.G. worked with a ton of people during his brief career ranging from Michael Jackson to Mary J. Blige. reached out to several of Biggie’s collaborators to get their thoughts on working with one of hip-hop’s greats.

Hip Hop has taken a bad rap. Mostly because the labels and the media choose to only promote the most negative music to make money. Still Hip Hop has a long history of positive uplifting songs. Here’s my Top 9. 9. Ed O G And The Bulldogs Be A Father To Your Child. Dope ode […]

Mo’Nique continues to make a bid to be my favorite host in late night television. Last night she had legends Slick Rick and Biz Markie on her show to perform.

Nas puts a fresh spin on an old hip-hop classic for Levi’s Pioneer Sessions campaign.

Rolling Stone magazine asked many music legends, past and present and future, to give their top picks on a subject of their choice for their “Playlist” issue.