Most of the nation, minus some Donald Trump supporters, are mourning the end of Barack Obama‘s presidency – but he’s not the only Obama the country will sorely miss. Michelle Obama changed the game for First Ladies, Black ladies and women as a whole.

Check out these ten reasons why we’ll always be thankful for the flyest FLOTUS ever, Michelle Obama.

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1. Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic

Michelle Obama’s unapologetic Blackness is one of her most memorable and admirable qualities. She’s never been shy about embracing her Black girl magic and letting it shine for the world to see.

2. Magazine Covers

It’s one thing to slay looks at every public event she attends. But Mrs. O also has been known to kill it when it comes to gracing magazine covers. She has blessed the covers of Vogue, ESSENCE magazine, TIME and more during her time at the White House.