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If you haven’t heard of JT and Yung Miami, rethink your life.

20 Times City Girls Were The Baddest B*tches PERIOD.  was originally published on

1. Back, Back that ass up!

2. Sheesh!

3. Clean up niiiice, you hear me?

4. Blonde bombshells.

5. Next up.

6. Sweet baby Jesus.

7. ‘Round the way girls.

8. The baddest, period.

9. From the block like you Jenny.

10. Pure beauty.

11. All proper and shit.

12. Black hair don’t care.

13. Heart eyes emoji.

14. Bad b*tches link up.

15. Who bad?

16. I’ll take your mannnn.

17. A vibe.

18. Gorgeous.

19. Gotta love ’em!

20. Where the bag at.