Kaye AKA @melovingme___

We’re back with another Baes & Baddies post where we feature models, entertainers, and social media stars who love to show off their dazzling looks and curves. We’d like to introduce the readers to Kaye AKA @melovingme___, who runs her own boutique full of body-hugging fits and styles made for summer vacations and beyond.

We don’t know much about Kaye AKA @melovingme___ but what we can say is for the last few years on Instagram, she’s amassed quite a following which makes perfect sense given her steady flood of photos of her in alluring fashion and styles. With the body of a runway model with a face to match, Kaye should certainly have followers in the millions.

As any smart business person knows, the hardest part of selling your product typically tends to be marketing. Well, in Kaye’s case, she’s certainly got the frame to show off her Goodeez Boutique fashion line. The styles included are swimwear, dresses, jumpsuits, full sets, and more. We should also mention that the clothes are at a very fair price point too.

For now, we invite the readers to check out our latest Baes & Baddies feature, Kaye AKA @melovingme___.

Photo: Source: @melovingme___ / Instagram

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