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Black Ink Crew: Chicago is back after a week hiatus, and the episode picks up following the excessive amount of beige rage we witnessed going on between 2nd City Ink tattoo artists Zach and Fly Tatted.

The episode opens up at 9Mag, we catch up with Ryan, Phor, and Don following their night out at the club that was interrupted by Ashely and her girls. Phor and Don ribbed their boss about his night with Miss Kitty and asked — even though it’s not of their business — if Ryan slept with the former brand ambassador of Black Ink: New York. Ryan quickly shuts that down and says he and Kitty are just friends.

The subject quickly changes that when Phor reveals, he might be the father of a teenage girl from a woman he had unprotected sex with back in 2002. Phor is suspicious because of his faith in his “pullout game,” but apparently, it isn’t as good as he thinks it is.

But, since he knows what it is like to not have a father so Phor wants to make sure that if he is indeed the father, he will be there for his daughter.

Over at 2nd City Ink, owners Charmaine and Jess are discussing the big blowup between Zach and Fly Tatted. They both agree that Zach was out of line for his behavior, and so was Fly Tatted, but Zach was the one who should take most of the blame. But being that she hired Zach, Charmaine is willing to give him another chance at the tattoo shop cause it will not only look bad on him but her as well. Also, being that she has messed up plenty of times during her time at 9Mag, she definitely believes in giving people second chances.

Speaking of Fly Tatted, he is considering new employment following his falling out with Zach. Rather than having to work with Zach, Fly has a conversation with Ryan. Fly Tatted reveals he had a conversation with Ryan at the club, and, of course, there is unseen footage to back that up. He follows up the discussion by heading to 9Mag to speak with Ryan about getting a booth at 9Mag, and Ryan sees no issue with that, and he is welcomed if things don’t work out at 2nd City Ink. Ryan also reveals that he was considering hiring Fly Tatted before he decided to work at Charmaine’s shop.

Speaking of Charmaine, she and her husband Neek finally decided to have a real wedding to appease their parents. Charmaine’s momma is extremely happy at the news and starts planning immediately.

They even go wedding dress shopping, which was a challenge due to Charmaine not wanting to wear a “traditional” wedding gown. After trying on a few dresses, Charmaine finally settles on a suitable gown that her mother, cousin Danielle, and friend approve on.

Back at 2nd City Ink, Charmaine, Jess, and the crew are wondering what’s up with Zach or Fly Tatted because they haven’t heard from both of them. Prince reveals that Zach’s latest posts on Instagram hint at him going back to Ohio, and he didn’t even tell his boo Draya.

When Fly eventually shows up, he tells the 2nd City Ink crew that he just needed space to himself and that he wasn’t too keen on working alongside Zach anymore. Charmaine reveals to him that Zach no longer works at the shop. Fly drops the bombshell that he spoke with Ryan about getting a job at 9Mag if things didn’t work out at 2nd City Ink. Charmaine and Jess were not thrilled to hear that, Charmaine tells Fly he shouldn’t have spoken to Ryan at all about 2nd Cty Ink business and she immediately runs to confront her former boss.

When she gets to 9Mag, Ryan isn’t too excited to see his ex-celebrity concierge. She tells him what Fly told her about their conversation, and Ryan basically shuts that all down, telling her he knew the tattoo artist before her “non-tattooing ass” opened her shop. Ryan also tells her that if he wanted any of her artists, he could take them, but he doesn’t have to, and she can’t tell him who to talk to. Charmaine storms out of the shop while they both hurl insults at one another.

What a spicy ending to an episode, things will be on a much somber note next week as the show focuses on Charmaine’s mother’s sudden passing. You can peep the reactions to last night’s episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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