During a failed team bonding experience set up by Puma, Krystal and Donna came to blows after she called out Alex’s bathroom stall buddy for bullying the new girl, London. This weeks episode picks up immediately after that with the team taking another trip, this time to Memphis to celebrate Kitty’s late mother’s life.

Ceaser walks into the shop and is surveying the aftermath of the struggle team building experiment. Tati who got pinched for drugs last week, Donna, who has tax issues and Kitty walk in. Donna tells her version of the ratchetness that went down in the shop and claims she even smacked Krystal for pressing her about London. Tati, on the other hand, is absolutely worried she might end up behind bars when she heads back to court.

Donna is also is some trouble, but with the federal government. The struggle tattoo artist owes a lot of money in taxes and decides to become a Lyft/Uber driver. If you guessed she would stink at the job, you are 100% correct. Her first customer is instantly annoyed because she is riding around with her dog, and he is allergic. He immediately ends the ride because of the pooch freely roaming around the vehicle. Her next customer experience isn’t any better, she kicks out a female passenger who gets in the car eating fish tacos.

After the experiences, she decides to call Walt who volunteers to ride around with her to lighten the mood. Walt sees it as an opportunity to practice his jokes and help Donna at the same time. Donna picks up two more customers, both women, and the trips both go well and she even gets a tip from one of them. We definitely think Donna should think again about this ride-sharing thing because she definitely isn’t handling it too well. During a break, Walt decides to invite Donna to his first stand-up show, Walt is excited about it and wants the crew to come out and support.

Meanwhile, Tati is heading to court, and she has Kitty and her “ex-husband” coming with her for support. We quickly learn the judge decided to keep her case open and push her trial date back. Teddy and Kitty accompany her back to her parent’s house, where she is living for the time being. They reassure her that they will be there to support her till the end. Where do those Black Ink Crew TV checks go?

We head back to the shop, and London finally shows back up. She is still not too happy about what went down at the shop during the team-building exercise. The so-called “therapist” asks if it’s normal for the new girls to always be singled out and Donna claims it is and went through it as well. Donna also suggests she really wasn’t trying to come for London in the first place basically pinning the blame on Krystal. They all decide to just squash the beef and move on anyway.

Now that’s settled, Kitty announces she is heading to Memphis with her dad to spread her mom’s ashes. Somehow, someway, Ceaser hijacks the trip and makes it a Black Ink excursion. Now if you have been watching this show for a while, you know these company trips never work. Plus Cease is thinking about opening another shop out there but, Kitty insists that her mom comes first and anything business-related is last.

Once they arrive, they are impressed to see the nice digs that Cease rented for them while they are staying in Memphis. Hopefully, they don’t mess up this house. After they all battle it out for rooms, they link up for dinner and, we get our first hint of the drama that is to come during this Black Ink trip.

Things get weird when Ted reveals that he and London will be shacking up together instantly pissing off his ex, Tati. We tried to warn her Teddy ain’t sh*t but, she is learning that the hard way. London doesn’t help matters cause she mentions that Ceaser should look for potential properties that could be the home of his next Black Ink shop. Kitty calmly reminds her that will happen later and that the number one priority is celebrating her mom’s life.

Back in New York, Krystal returns to the shop looking for Donna, but she is not there. Walt then invites her to his show and tells her that Donna will be there and they could hash out their issues there. Krystal reveals after performing a tattoo on a customer that London hasn’t even reached out to her after she stood up for her.

Back in Memphis, in one of the season’s most somber moments, the crew gets a history lesson when they visit the Lorraine Motel, the site of MLK’s assassination. While visiting the museum, which was one of Kitty’s mom’s favorite places, Teddy gets emotional while checking out the civil rights exhibit. London reveals she is the product of interracial marriage and tearfully expressed the pain her parents had to endure just to be together. Things get extremely tough when the crew go in King’s room and stand on the balcony where he was shot and killed.

After the museum, the crew heads out to eat and the drama kicks right back up. London once again mentions that Ceaser should begin checking Beale Street for a new shop location. Kitty is not feeling her assistant’s constant insubordination, and they begin to go back and forth. Having heard enough, Kitty shows restraint gets up and leave, Tati wasn’t feeling London’s behavior either has words for the new employee before she leaves.

Puma and Ceaser eventually exit, leaving Teddy and London alone giving them a moment to flirt with each other. In typical Ted fashion, he goes in the for the kill and the two co-workers kiss.

Back in Harlem its time for Walt’s show and he is nervous as hell. But he’s just glad to see his girlfriend, and the crew in the building to support. His show starts off shaky with his jokes bombing, but he eventually finds a groove. After his set, Donna and Krystal head outside to have a conversation. Krystal apologizes to Donna saying she shouldn’t have gotten in Donna’s face. Donna says she was never bullying London and that Krystal was stupid for standing up for her in the first place. The two ladies decide to move on from the situation.

We head back to Memphis, and Kitty and Ceaser are riding to her mom’s old neighborhood. Once they get to the location where Kitty’s mom’s childhood home is supposed to be, she is saddened to learn that it’s gone. Things only get worse when she finds out that her dad is not coming because he just can’t deal emotionally. Poor Kitty is reduced to tears with Ceaser there to console her.

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