Last week on Black Ink Crew, Puma fired Krystal, Donna and Alex are having relationship problems, and Bae misses her momma. This week’s episode picks right up with crew discussing the aftermath of the party, where Puma flexed his power by terminating Krystal.

Mike and Q, who was beefing last week for whatever reason, are buddies once again. They break down to Ceaser precisely what went down at the gathering, blaming their behavior on too much alcohol. Puma and Keyshia Cole light aka Quani walks in the shop, and they press him about firing Krystal. Puma doubles down on his move and feels he was right in doing so despite Mike, Q, and the rest of the crew feeling she didn’t deserve to lose her job. Ceaser sides with Puma on the matter, telling his bro that he is rocking with his decision.

The mood in the shop immediately goes left when Donna suggests that Cease should not open the shop in Brooklyn. Her reasoning is because of the other tattoo shops in the borough do not want a Black Ink shop in their hood. Ceaser doesn’t handle Donna’s input very well and kicks everyone out of the shop. We will soon learn that Donna’s comments opened old wounds that haven’t healed for Ceaser.

Following the blow-up at the shop, Donna heads to Sky’s apartment to have a conversation about the incident. Donna explains she wasn’t trying to upset Ceaser. Donna was basically trying to point out the danger of working in Brooklyn because she worked in a shop in BK before.

The conversation changes and Sky reveals after her failed attempt at making her dog, Bagel, a star, she is opening her own dog modeling agency. Donna then brings up Alex and how she is on the brink of kicking her bathroom stall lover to curb if he doesn’t propose to her. Sky comes up with the “bright idea” to surprise him by wearing a wedding dress just to see how he would react at the sight of her in it.

We check back in with Ceaser, and he is not in a good place. He admits to Puma and Sky the reason he reacted to Donna’s comments the way he did because she was right. He took it upon himself to check social media, and he saw first hand the threats coming from the other shops. He reveals that he isn’t sure about having the grand opening for the Brooklyn shop. Puma and Sky try their best to try and convince him that everything is going to be okay, but he’s not so sure.

Meanwhile, back at the shop, Bae gets a pleasant surprise. Momma Bae shows up one day earlier to help out her struggling daughter.

Another tender moment takes place in the episode between Walt and his girlfriend, Jess. The two have had a rocky relationship after Walt announced he wanted to shoot up her club only to be denied. He invites her to his studio and butters her up by showing old photos of them during happier times.

Walt also admits he was wrong and understands that he was happiest when he was with her. Plus, he agrees they don’t need any more kids, and that was all she needs to hear, and they kiss and make up.

The same can’t be said about Donna and Alex, though. Their situation gets worse when Alex walks, and he sees Bae dressed up as a preacher and Donna in a wedding dress. He thinks Donna’s idea was absolutely stupid (it was), and that Donna was making a joke out of marriage. Donna claims he failed her test miserably and threatens to break up with him again if he doesn’t propose. Alex is over it and exits the apartment.

We check back in with Ceaser, and he is still struggling with the idea of opening the Brooklyn shop. He picks up his mom to visit his old Brooklyn shop, where his friend Corey was killed. Cease feels Corey’s death was his fault, and he should have shut down the shop. He also doesn’t want anyone else in his crew to suffer to the same fate; hence, his reservations about coming back to Brooklyn with his Black Ink business.

Cease decides to visit Corey’s mom, and she tells him that Corey would be proud of him and that he would want him to open the shop in Brooklyn. The pep talk from her works, and now Cease feels he has to open the shop for Corey.

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