#BlackInkCrew: Twitter Is Not Here For Donna & Tati As A Couple

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Last week on Black Ink Crew: New York, Donna and Tati were big mad about being demoted, Sky got her wild ass suspended, and Ceaser was in his feelings after seeing a video of Kitty and Ryan together. This week Ceaser finally declares war on the Black Ink Chicago star, and more Black Ink shenanigans happen.

The episode opens up with Walt and Jess checking out potential spaces for their wedding. Walt wants to jump broom in a matter of months while Jess believes her fiancé has too much dip on his chip and wants to wait a year. That doesn’t sit too well with Walt.

We link up with Bae and Puma, and she is speaking with a matchmaker. Since divorcing Rob, Bae’s love life has been in shambles, and she tells the matchmaker she would like her cakes smashed to smithereens (word to Bossip) plus a man who has his own dough. BUT Bae fears she will end up in another bad relationship and that her issue is that she puts all of her focus into her son and doesn’t have enough time for herself.  Both Puma and the matchmaker tell Bae she should consider just being more open.

Bae takes their advice and decides to go on a blind date. When she meets the gentleman, she is impressed with him at first.

But to be on the safe side, if she needs to be rescued, she enlisted the help of Rok to bail her out if she gives him the signal. Things started off well, but quickly go left when Bae’s blind date reveals he is a vegan and doesn’t eat any meat products and only brought her to seafood spot because she’s Asian. Now that her potential boo is officially a dub, she signals Rok to come over and “save her.”

Bae’s date was not too happy to see Rok and decides to leave, and the two co-workers wind up having a conversation and connect on the fact they were both homeless. Rok is stunned that someone who looks like Bae could even be homeless.

Later in the episode, Bae and Rok actually visit the place where Rok and his brother stayed while living on the streets because his mom chose drugs over them.

Back at the shop, Ceaser is still fuming about the video of Kitty and Ryan that someone “sent” to Teddy. He shows the crew the video, and every one sides with him, of course, and thinks what Kitty and Ryan did was foul. Donna tells Cease not to worry because Ryan has a little d*ck anyway.

Kitty sure as hell seems like she’s happy.

Anyway, Ceaser vows to get even with Ryan and feels betrayed because he claims he “made” the 9MAG tattoo shop owner. Ceaser plans to hit Ryan, where it hurts.

Walt shows up, and he is on a mission to convince Jess that he can put a wedding together in months instead of a year. So he comes up with the plan to throw an engagement party to impress her. He hands out invites to everyone in the shop but gets upset when Puma asks if he is going to invite all of his baby mommas? Walt responds by walking out of the shop.

Donna is still trying to show that she is more than an apprentice. So Donna decides to prove to Ceaser and Puma that she is ready to tattoo again by fixing the perseverance tattoo she hilariously spelled wrong on her client’s back.

Her idea for the fix is a cross covering up what she misspelled. Once she finishes the job, Puma and Ceaser come in to see the finished product and are impressed with the job she has done.

Donna thinks that means she will get her job back, and when she suggests that both Puma and Ceaser laugh at her. She also storms out of the shop in disgust.

Following her tattoo session, Donna links up with Tati to vent and reveal that she is going to start designing clothes again since she still is an apprentice. While Donna is searching for fabrics, the two co-workers start flirting with each other, and we learn that they have been messing with each other. Tati is nervous because Donna hasn’t told Alex yet, but she feels that he will be receptive to the idea of them messing around with each other. We shall see about that.

It’s finally the time for Jess and Walt’s engagement party, and he decided to go with a rollerskating theme. Lust is definitely in the air. While everyone is skating, Donna and a very drunk Tati skate off to the back to go make out with each other.

Bae and Rok even get a little flirty with each other.

Things get testy, though when Puma hops on the microphone and asks Walt if he is going to take Jess’ last name? Walt is fed up again, but the final straw comes when Tati drunkenly hops on the mic and says she heard the couple is having a baby and then asks how many baby mommas can Walt have?

Walt is furious, storms out of the gym, and flips over a table before he leaves the venue. Jess and Puma follow him to try and convince him to come back, but he is over it and decides he has had enough.

Poor Walt, anyway, you can peep the reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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