Respawn’s surprise battle royal hit Apex is the talk of the town but Black Ops 4 is looking to reclaim everyone’s attention. Activision and Treyarch announced the new season of content for the title called Operation Grand Heist kicks off on February 19th with new modes and plenty of goodies.

PlayStation 4 owners you get first dibs and an upcoming double XP weekend.

Operation Grand Heist will give Black Ops 4 season pass holders access to updates to both multiplayer and Blackout modes. MP mode will see with the addition of two maps, Casino and Lockup as well as a new specialist class: the Outrider armed with her longbow called the Sparrow that will allow players to take out opponents explosive precision plus the return of the beloved One in the Chamber mode from the original Black Ops game.

Blackout mode will also get new life thanks to new weapons, gear, outfits, gestures, and accessories based on Operation Grand Heist’s theme from the Black Market. Players will rack up kills with new weapons like the Rampage Auto Shotgun, Switchblade X9 SMG and a demolition hammer called the Home Wrecker. Snipers, be on the lookout a new sniper rifle named the Vendetta will be coming later in the season.

Also coming to Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode as a playable character is Cosmic Silverback, the zombie silverbacked gorilla boss from the original Dead Ops Arcade from Call of Duty Black Ops. A new car chase mode called Hot Pursuit will allow you to partake in action-packed races using three new Operation Grand Heist themed vehicles an SUV, muscle car and PBR assault boat.  Squads will race to reach race supply drops placed around the maps that will contain high-level armor, weapons, and grenades to help them defeat opponents.

Last but certainly not least Zombie mode will also receive a new round based Gauntlet challenge mode to for use on the Classified map which is now available for all players to purchase now. A new perk addition called the Ethereal Razor has also been added. This is just the start as more content will continue to roll out next week. Until Operation Grand Heist’s release on PS4 tomorrow you can get a tease of what to expect in the trailer below and hit the gallery for hi-res screenshots.

Photo: Activision/ Treyarch

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