If any show could manage to run over 25 years without fading into pop culture oblivion, it would be The Simpsons. The hit show premiered in 1989 and has constantly adapted with the times by having a knack of attracting pop culture figures.

Here’s a huge list of notables who visited Springfield over the years.

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1. Dan Marino

“Sunday, Cruddy Sunday”

2. Tom Savini

“Worst. Episode. Ever.”

3. Mel Brooks

“Homer vs. Patty and Selma”

4. Aerosmith

“Flaming Moe’s”

5. Conan O’Brien

“Bart Gets Famous”

6. Mickey Rooney

“Radioactive Man”

7. Larry King

“Sideshow Bob Roberts”

8. Joe Frazier

“Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?”

9. Smashing Pumpkins


10. Rodney Dangerfield

“Burns, Baby Burns”

11. Tony Hawk

“Barting Over”

12. Johnny Cash

“El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer”

13. Frankie Muniz

“Trilogy of Error”

14. Sonic Youth


15. Magic Johnson

“Homer Defined”

16. David Letterman

“The Last Temptation of Homer”

17. Tom Petty

“How I Spent My Strummer Vacation”

18. Susan Sarandon

“Homer vs. Patty and Selma”

19. Don Cheadle

“Faith Off”

20. Steve Carell


21. Shepard Fairey

“Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart”

22. Mandy Moore

“Homer And Marge Turn A Couple Play”

23. Tracey Ullman

“Bart’s Dog Gets An F”

24. Martha Stewart

“The Fight Before Christmas”

25. Venus/Serena Williams

“Tennis The Menace”

26. Jerry Springer

“Treehouse of Horror X”

27. JB Smoove

“Angry Dad: The Movie”

28. Stephen Colbert

“He Loves To Fly And He D’ohs”

29. John Goodman

“Take My Wife, Sleaze”

30. Elvis Costello

“How I Spent My Strummer Vacation”

31. Sonny Rollins

Whiskey Business

32. Warren Sapp

“Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass”

33. Woody Harrelson

“Fear of Flying”

34. Gordon Ramsey

“The Food Wife”

35. Channing Tatum

“Steal This Episode”

36. Beverly D’Angelo

“Colonel Homer”

37. Joe Montana

“Double, Double, Boy In Trouble”

38. Little Richard

“Special Edna”

39. Ben Stiller

“Sweets and Sour Marge”

40. Hugh Hefner

“Krusty Gets Kancelled”

41. Jeff Ross

“Clown In The Dumps”

42. Larry Holmes

“Helter Shelter”

43. Frances McDormand

“Girls Just Wanna Have Sums”

44. Lisa Leslie

“Pray Anything”

45. Oscar De La Hoya

“Treehouse of Horror XIV”

46. R.E.M.

“Homer The Moe”

47. Seth Rogen

“Homer The Whopper”

48. Will Arnett

“Steal This Episode”

49. Anderson Cooper

“The Kid Is Alright”

50. Ludacris

“You Kent Always Say What You Want”

51. William H. Macy

“Homer’s Paternity Coot”

52. Andy Serkis

“Dude, Where’s My Ranch”

53. Jane Lynch

“Replaceable You”

54. Ricky Gervais

“To Surveil, With Love”

55. Anthony Bourdain

“The Food Wife”

56. Lenny Kravitz

“How I Spent My Strummer Vacation”

57. Justin Bieber

“The Fabulous Faker Boy”

58. Willie Nelson

“Behind The Laughter”

59. John Madden

“Sunday, Cruddy Sunday”

60. Dolly Parton

“Sunday, Cruddy Sunday”

61. Anne Hathaway

“The Good, The Sad, and The Drugly”

62. Betty White

“Missionary: Impossible”

63. Mary Lynn Rajskub

“24 Minutes”

64. Antonio Fargas

“Bart Has Two Mommies”

65. Ellen Degeneres

“Judge Me Tender”

66. Steve Buscemi

“Brake My Wife, Please”

67. Mark Hamill

“Mayored To The Mob”

68. Mr. T

“Today I Am A Clown”

69. Tim Heidecker/Eric Wareheim

“The Food Wife”

70. Randy Jackson

“Judge Me Tender”

71. Alyson Hannigan

“Flaming Moe”

72. Andre Agassi

“Tennis The Menace”

73. Patrick Stewart

“Homer the Great”

74. Mark Zuckerberg

“Loan-a Lisa”

75. Ken Griffey Jr.

“Homer at The Bat”

76. Al Roker

“Moonshine River”

77. John Lovitz

“The Way We Was”

78. Sarah Michelle Geller

“Wandering Juvie”

79. Mel Gibson

‘Beyond Blunderdome”

80. Brian Setzer

“How I Spent My Strummer Vacation”

81. Rashida Jones

“Changing of The Guardian”

82. Edward Norton

“The Great Money Caper”

83. Amy Poehler


84. Pete Sampras

“Tennis The Menace”

85. Cheech & Chong

“A Midsummer’s Nice Dream”

86. Fantasia Barrino

“A Star Is Torn”

87. 50 Cent

“Pranksta Rap”

88. Jermaine Clement & Bret McKenzie

“Elementary School Musical”

89. Daniel Radcliffe

“Treehouse of Horror XXI”

90. Drew Barrymore

“Insane Clown Poppy”

91. Elton John

“I’m With Cupid”

92. Tom Waits

“Homer Goes To Prep School”

93. Halle Berry

“Angry Dad: The Movie”

94. Kristen Wiig

“Flaming Moe”

95. Jodie Foster

“Four Great Women and a Manicure”

96. Kristen Schaal

“Homer Scissorhands”

97. John DiMaggio


98. Glenn Close

“Mother Simpson”

99. LeBron James

“Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass”

100. Albert Brooks

“You Only Move Twice”